Mobile App Company Founded By College Student

Brian Lomonico, a student at William Paterson University, is the founder of Liquid Mobile. The company creates mobile applications for mobile devices.

Brian Lomonico is trying to create a future for himself. Literally.

Lomonico, a Wayne resident and a junior at has founded Liquid Mobile, a mobile application development company.

The company’s first game, Picture It for the iPhone, is scheduled to launch in two weeks.

“I’ve always had these great ideas for different things that usually have already been taken and exist,” Lomonico said. “I’ve created an application that is both not only original, but has a degree of competition to it.”

With Picture It, users start out with 100 points and try to guess what the subject of a photo is that is slowly being revealed. Users can rotate the photo and add color to it. Users can also purchase special abilities that cost money to reveal more of the photo. Each of these costs points. Once someone has figured out what the subject is, he or she taps on letters to spell it out. The user with the most points in the end wins.

“I tried to create a game not to make money first, but to make sure people would have fun playing,” Lomonico said. “A lot of people say that the application marketplace is crowded, but there’s not a lot of quality out there. People think they can just put something they’ve worked on for a month out there and make a ton of money and it doesn’t work that way.”

Lomonico enlisted the help of a few friends to create the game. Picture It will only be available in the iTunes App Store. There will be a free version with advertisements and paid version with no ads. The paid version will cost $1.99.

“It’s a labor of love that’s been a lot of fun,” Lomonico. “A four-year college degree isn’t enough anymore and students need to find ways to separate themselves from the pack. Hopefully, that’s what my friends and I are doing.”

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Concerned Resident December 17, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Brian- please contact me, I have an app I'd like to hire you to desgin. thanks spyder625@optonline.net


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