Tri-Boro Digs Out After Snowstorm

Area recovers quickly after first snowstorm of 2014.

A Wayne resident shovels her driveway Friday afternoon. / Staff photo by Daniel Hubbard
A Wayne resident shovels her driveway Friday afternoon. / Staff photo by Daniel Hubbard
While it might not have been as bad as meteorologists predicted, the first snowstorm of 2014 stifled traffic and caused people to miss work on the first Friday of the new year.

"At least it wasn't as bad as everyone thought it was going to be," said Joe Farrell as he left the Foodtown on Route 23 Friday afternoon. "It seems like its never as bad as they say, which is good, it just drives all of us nuts."

The snow was cleared and traffic was moving fine on Route 23 by afternoon. It was as if no snow fell on the roadway. 

"It could have been a lot worse," said Cindy Meekan as she left the Galaxy Diner on Route 23. "The kids were happy because they got a day off of school at least."
Schools throughout North Jersey were closed Friday. Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency Thursday afternoon before the storm hit. 

In Wayne, people were digging out all afternoon. Main roads were mostly clear in Wayne, Kinnelon, Butler, and Bloomingdale, but side roads were a different story.

There were many of them that looked like they needed to be plowed or salted again. Wayne primed its hilly roadways and main streets with a special brine solution to prevent snow from sticking.


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