Where to Get Gas – Tell Your Neighbors

High demand and lack of electricity is creating lines and hours-long backups.

Lines have stretched for blocks and lasted hours before some residents have been able to get gas. 

If they even found a place to fill up.

From vehicle fill-ups to the need to keep the generators running, gasoline is at a premium as a post-Hurricane Sandy New Jersey continues to wait for electricity to return.

Bridgewater Township Police Chief Richard Borden said the gas situation is becoming a traffic concern at this point.

"As with some of the other storm issues, without power, the stations cannot pump," he said. "The Route 22 East corridor has been backed up since yesterday with gas lines."

Borden said there is no timeline yet for when or which specific stations will be open. But, he said, he continues to recommend that people stay off the roads.

"We would caution the residents to once again, drive only when you have to and attempt to conserve the use of personal generators because the gas lines are clogged with people filling up containers for the generators," he said. "Be as patient as possible and utilize common courtesy by not cutting in line." 

So, we're asking you, the faithful Patch readers, to tell your neighbors where gas is available, for how much and what the wait time was when you were there.

Add those details to our comments section, and thanks for helping out!

Mike October 31, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Backup for Sunoco at Rt 22 and Gaston Av was to Post Hardware (Mercer St in Somerville) as of mid-afternoon today. Only a matter of time until they run out. No other stations between 202/206 and 287 were open. I heard Lukoil was open yesterday (my guess is they ran out). NEWS FLASH: that huge generator you bought to power your whole house, when fully loaded, uses several gallons per day.
Lauralee Davis November 01, 2012 at 03:27 AM
I can't speak for everyone, but frankly I grabbed the first generator I found last year, any generator is better than none.


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