Another Quick Chek Mega-Gas Approved Near Tri-Boro

7-Eleven owner in Wayne argued new convenience store would have a negative effect on his business.

The owner of Butler's 7-Eleven, on Route 23, is not the only one displeased with a Quick Chek Mega-Gas moving in across the street from his business.

In a similar situation to that of Butler's, where a Quick Chek convenience store and 24-hour gas station was approved by the planning board to be built directly across the street from 7-Eleven, a Wayne 7-Eleven owner approached his own planning board Tuesday to speak against the application.

According to Wayne Patch, the Quick Chek application was approved by the Wayne Planning Board for the former Chrysler Dodge property on Hamburg Turnpike, at the intersection of Ratzer Road. The Butler store, approved in June, will also be built on a former car sales lot. The Wayne store and gas station is scheduled to open by 2014.

Read the full story from Wayne Patch here.

In Butler, primarily residents opposed the application for the new Quick Chek and attended and spoke at several public meetings to voice their concerns over gas fumes from the station, loud noises from vehicles pulling in late at night and general opposition to the store itself. One resident has even filed a lawsuit against the company and borough as she feels sufficient evidence was not presented before the application was approved and that the store will have negative health impacts on her multiply-disabled son.

Of the surrounding Route 23 businesses in Butler, 7-Eleven Owner Craig Brinster seemed to have the most concerns about the Quick Chek store application, as he hired attorney David Dixon to represent him during the Butler Planning Board hearings on the proposal.

In both Wayne and Butler, traffic studies were conducted to determine the impact of the gas station and convenience stores on the busy roads the company was applying to build on.

Read all of Tri-Boro Patch's coverage of the Butler Planning Board's consideration of the Quick Chek Mega-Gas application here.

Richard Dean October 11, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Why is it that when a very successful New Jersey home grown independent company wants to open new locations with fuel pumps that it is always a "mega gas"? 7Eleven is the largest convenience store chain in the world dating back to the 1920's and now operating something lke 30,000 locations, many if not most of them also the same number of fuel pumps. In facdt 7Eleven's location on Route 23 in Wayne has fuel pumps just like most of them. I don't recall seeing a deli at very many if any 7Elevens around the country but Quick Chek always has a good selection of sandwiches etc made to order. In Butler we now have a Delta station at the old Roserne's site that can qualify as a "Mega Gas" and soon willl have a convenience store. Hess on Route 23 northbound is another one and so is Lukoil southbound in Riverdale with a great convenience store with a deli. I understand that Quick Chek is planning to file an application for upgrading their 40 year old location in Bloomingdale to one of the modern era stores and probably with fuel pumps too.
Richard Dean October 11, 2012 at 11:59 PM
For the record when in the area of Paterson Hamburg Turnpike and Ratzer Road in Wayne, I have stopped at that 7Eleven several times in the past 10 years, each time saying to myself that there was no reason to do so again except for maybe picking up a Coke Zero, Sprite Zero or Diet Mountain Dew.


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