5 Muscle Building Tips to Help New Year Goals

Injuries and setbacks can devastate any results you are trying to achieve.

1. For beginners and intermediate level lifters, do full body workouts to build a solid foundation. Advanced lifters should build on their foundation by performing upper and lower body splits.

2. Pushups, bodyweight rows (off of a TRX or barbell) and chin-ups are classic muscle producing exercises. Continue to implement them in your training regimen.

3. Stay both physically and mentally sharp. Four to five days in the gym per week allows enough recovery time for the mind as well as the body. Avoid training on consecutive days, as the day between is essential.  The day between lifting sessions should be devoted to cardio or just stretching, foam rolling, and mobility work to keep your muscles and joints healthy.

4. Want to get leaner? Then, simply put, lift heavy. This policy has always worked and will always be factual. However, don’t over-lift, doing so will result in extremely negative consequences.  Either leading to injury or nervous system burnout.  ALWAYS be able to do 1 more rep with perfect form.  For example, if you are doing 10 reps of dumbbell rows, you will want to be able to do a 11th but the 12th will be a struggle.  When selecting a weight to use, make sure it fits into that parameter. 

The importance of not training to failure is that there is truly no need.  If you have selected the proper weight, you will have your muscle 100% activated at 90% (meaning if you are doing 10 reps, that 9th rep has you at 100% activation of the muscle).  Long gone are the days of forcing one more repetition out.  There is no need for the struggle.  Struggling to get a weight up means you are most likely using muscles and other parts of your body not intended to life that weight.

5. Keep your target reps between 50-100 per muscle group. Any more or less will deter you from your training goals. The heavier you lift, the less reps you should perform. This method will produce lean muscle fast.  Thus, improving your look and moving you one step closer to your weight loss or toning up goals.

The whole idea of working out is not only to become healthier and fitter people.  It is also to be those people forever.  Injuries and setbacks can devastate any results you are trying to achieve. 

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