Grocery Shopping Essentials and Smoothies

Your mind will always fool you in terms of how you look.

Your mind will always fool you in terms of how you look. 

Years ago I saw a cartoon that featured a fat man and a fit woman and each of them was looking into their own mirror.  The man’s reflection was one of fitness and low body fat and the woman’s was one of being overweight.   In my experience, this cartoon is incredibly true.  I’ve worked with models and other woman who act like they have 50 pounds to lose and guys who have 50 pounds to lose act like their fit. 

Your mind’s eye plays a lot of tricks on you and when it comes to really knowing how you’re doing with weight loss, you need to measure it based on concrete numerical results.  Not the mirror and perception.  Going down in a pants size, the number on the scale going down, or your body fat decreasing are all numbers you need to pay attention to.  Spending any time starring at the mirror is a waste of time.  Now, how do these numbers go down? 

To help you, below is my basic grocery list for the week and how many of each item I buy is in parentheses.

Avocado (5)                      

Carrot (1 Bag)                                   

Yam (3)


Cucumber (10)                                 

Eggs (2 dozen)

Banana (10)                       

Ginger Root (1 piece)                    

Grass Fed Chop Meat (3 pounds)

Orange (5)                         

Kale (1 Bag, chopped)                   

Salmon (2 pounds)

Apple (4)                            

Potato (2)                                           

Frozen Spinach (1 big bag from BJs)

Quinoa (1 box)                 

Tuna Fish (2 cans)                          

Frozen Blueberries (1 big bag from BJs)

Other items that are on the once a month list includes:

Milled Flax Seed, Old Fashion Oatmeal (don’t buy the quick oats that come in those little packages), and Sunbutter.  What’s missing from this list and I suggest everyone purchase them are nuts and almond milk.  I have a nut allergy so that is why nuts are absent from my grocery list and I buy sunbutter instead of peanut butter.

This list covers me for all the meals I make throughout the week.  The only time I don’t cook is on Friday night and Saturday night.  Friday night I usually get take out and Saturday night I go out to eat.  When going out to eat I rarely go off of being conscious of my decisions.  Once you know how good you feel when you eat right consistently for a long period of time, healthy decisions become automatic. 

Fruit Smoothie

On Sunday morning I tried a new smoothie.  2 cups water, 1 banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, half an apple, and a half a cup of raw oatmeal.  Try it out!  

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