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What Supplements Should I Take?

Many people are looking to get ahead or for the easy way out when it comes to body transformation.

Many people are looking to get ahead or for the easy way out when it comes to body transformation.  I can’t say this is necessarily bad; you should always be trying to progress or find a better way to do things.  What is bad is in which the manner people go about to improve.

The health and fitness market is infested with products making false claims, product that will never work for you, and even worse; products that can harm you.  I had a friend back when I was in college who got hospitalized thanks to a certain brand of diet pills that was popular several years ago.  

When someone sets out to buy these products, they fantasize about what they will look like after taking the product.  The abs, the skinny legs, or the tight arms that will appear thanks to the pill, powder, or wrap they are purchasing.  Every health and fitness purchase is incredibly emotionally driven.  People think this product will lead to a happier version of them.  Unfortunately this is not close to the truth. 

No supplement you can buy over the counter will help you unless you change your diet and start working out.  It is a total waste of money, a delusion thanks to outstanding marketing by these companies. The truth is there is no easy way out, but certain supplements can aid you along the way.   

In addition to fixing lifestyle habits, there are a few supplements I do recommend people to take.  A multivitamin that can be digested on an empty stomach should be the first thing you take when you wake up.  This vitamin should be taken with 30oz of water for men and 18oz of water for women upon rising. 

Fish oil or krill oil is another valuable supplement.  Numerous studies have documented the positive health impact these oils have on both the mind and body.

In the late fall/entire winter I recommend people take a D3 supplement.  In these months most people avoid being outside at all costs.  The amount of exposure to vitamin D gets slashed since we are not in the sun anymore.  You can either take a pill D3 supplement or eat more foods like salmon, mackerel, and egg yolks that contain high levels of vitamin D.

The goal of supplements should be used as a way to feel better physically and mentally so you can get through your day and your workouts.  That is the true reason anyone should be taking them, not to lose weight. 

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