Why Diets Fail

There are so many diets out there that it can be a nauseating process when trying to pick one that will work for you.

There are so many diets out there that it can be a nauseating  process when trying to pick one that will work for you. 

That’s actually a blessing because most people who go on a diet actually become 5 pounds heavier after their “dieting” period is over compared to the weight they were at when they started.  Most diets are such a radical change in a person’s lifestyle that it becomes impossible to maintain. I recently heard a statistic from a nutritionist who claimed that 95 percent of people who try to go on a diet fail to reach their goals.

That is a huge failure rate; the odds are really not in your favor if you’re attempting to lose weight. I believe this number to be so high because people really have it tough when it comes to healthy foods.  So much money is pumped into “healthy” foods and processed food advertising that people are bombarded with misinformation. 

Years ago I thought I was making all the right choices because I ate products that had extra protein, whole wheat, or foods with extra omega-3 fatty acids.  Now that extra omega 3s can be found in muffins, I believe the food industry has manipulated us into believing we’re making a good choice by adding these healthy nutrients to foods that we should be staying away from regardless of how healthy they claim to be on the box.  I certainly was tricked. 

It wasn't until I stopped listening to what advertising told me was healthy and I started researching and listening to my body that I truly felt healthy. The difference in how I felt following both ways of eating is truly remarkable.  

It’s not just what gets advertised to us as healthy that is the problem. Our education system also promotes foods that aren’t the greatest for us to be eating.  Whether the curriculum is influenced by major foods paying out government establishments or educators truly just took what another person taught them and then went out to educate thousands of future nutritionist without testing for themselves, the information is wrong however it got here.

My girlfriend graduated with her B.S. in nutrition. She says she feels a lot better, has more energy and mental focus, and her body has changed more since she stopped following what she learned in school. 

That’s alarming. A lot is broken when it comes to our food. 

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