New Laptops Upgrade Bloomingdale Students' Classroom Lessons

Students in a variety of classes at the Walter T. Bergen Elementary School are using the laptops in a variety of ways.

Student and a teacher using some of the 30 new laptop computers the school recently acquired. / Images courtesy of Frank Verducci
Student and a teacher using some of the 30 new laptop computers the school recently acquired. / Images courtesy of Frank Verducci

Students at the Walter T. Bergen School are using laptop computers to assist them in the learning process.

School officials recently purchased 30 wireless laptops and two carts to transport the computers between classrooms.

While preparing the school’s budget last year, district administrators recognized that the computers were needed at the school in order to bring “them up to par with other neighboring districts,” officials said in a press release.

“With pending implementation of PARCC testing in 2015, we believed it was necessary to begin the outfitting of our school for wireless access,” said Principal Frank Verducci. “Our school very much appreciates the support of the Board of Education, business administrator, and the superintendent for making this acquisition possible.”

PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. The consortium of 18 states is to develop a common set of assessments in English and math.

Students are utilizing the computers in a variety of ways. Language arts classes are using Achieve 3000, a web-based application, during lessons.

Certain math classes are also using the laptops, which can also be hooked up to an electronic SmartBoard.

“Students can access [a] math program from home and the teacher can create specific lessons tailored to each individual class,” the press release said.

The program is designed to improve math scores by focusing on the new Common Core state standards.

Meredith Mascitello December 04, 2013 at 01:08 PM
New technology is nice, but it is only a distraction from the fact that the American education system is being destroyed by centralization. Please do your research on Common Core. A good place to begin is here: http://stopcore.org/ and here: https://www.facebook.com/CURENJ but there are many other websites & Facebook pages. One size fits all is NOT the way to improve education. This was never voted on by the states and the curriculum is copyrighted by those writing it. Furthermore, parents, teachers and local school boards lose control of educational decisions under Common Core. Control will be in the hands of the Federal government and the corporations who write the textbooks and the tests.
Meema Judy December 04, 2013 at 02:33 PM
Hold on to your wallets. Ask yourself. Who pays for these computers? Who will pay to have them refurbished? Who will pay to have them repaired? Who will pay to have them replaced when they are broken or lost? YOU WILL. Even if the Board of Education received a grant for the start up costs, where do you think that money came from? YOU. They take your tax money and then because they are sooo generous they allow you to get some of it back. And all of this because some one in Washington and Trenton decided we needed to have new standards in education called Common Core State Standards. We lose control of the education of our children and they get to tell us how and what to spend our money on.


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