'Twas the Night Before Christmas (in the Tri-Boro)

A moderated version of the classic poem.

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through
Residents shut off their holiday lights in an effort to be subtler

Than their neighbors who boasted bright lights that would frighten a mouse,
But those neighbors were smart, they entered Patch's Deck the House.

In young children and their parents .
Meanwhile teenagers flipped on MTV .

kids stayed up late and waited for Santa,
Their parents talking about local politics, but they ignored the banter.

But when the kids went to sleep, all their parents went on Tri-Boro Patch
To catch up with local news, and read our latest .

Of concern to Bloomingdale was on the
and when if before leaving town will be revealed.

They read about how the is going
and learned that is growing.

Kinnelon taxpayers were more concerned with
and questioned whether the borough should, instead repair the earth.

They wondered if the began its search for
(Hang in there, folks, we'll have you updated before the year's ended).

In Butler, they watched explain ,
Learned test scores are down, and read Superintendent Mario Cardinale's concerns.

But they also read tales of the Butler Fire Department's good deeds
and how the collected that he actually reads.

parents were still reading about
and animal lovers were still shocked about , despite being so thin.

Not all news is bad, we want to remind you
and if you've got a nice story to tell, we'd love to find you.

We hope you've enjoyed a full year of our site
Hopefully it's been informative, but also a delight.

Stay tuned for more features and news stories every day
and please, from us to you, have a very Happy Holiday.


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