Health Begins With What You Eat

Owner and employees of The Art of Healthy Living explain how natural foods can help with health.

With 50 percent of weight loss having to do with a person's diet, it is no surprise that there is a direct correlation between what you eat and what you weigh. But eating goes beyond fatty foods and non-fatty foods, and as the people at taught me this week, certain foods can actually give you more energy and make you feel fuller, helping you to eat less and lose weight.

Karl Monroe, a manager at the store, explained that when your body metabolizes foods better, you do not find yourself craving as much of the unhealthy foods you tend to want to grab when you are ravenously hungry. By choosing fruits and vegetables that are genetically made up of the right nutrients for your body, you can feel fuller longer and not need to eat large portions to feel full.

Owner Richard Rothbard provided hope for sweet treat-lovers and demonstrated how delicious organic, dairy-free ice cream can be-and with half the fat.

Check out our video of the store's employees explaining the difference natural foods can make in your body, and make sure to watch until the end, where Monroe reveals one fruit that will make the pounds drop even quicker.


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