School Board Member Strumolo Blasts Colleagues Running for Election

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Believe it or not! Is it good for the students? Is it good for Parsippany? Can we afford them?

Do you believe these simple questions are asked by [Parsippany Schools Superintendent] LeRoy Seitz in his decisionmaking process for the turf fields? Then he must also believe that the lawsuit he initiated against  the Parsippany Board of Education meets these criteria.

Do you believe it is a good thing for our students to lose money out of the classroom to spend it in the courtroom to defend against "the poster child for greed and arrogance" and his litigation? Seitz and his supporters do!

Do you believe that after the State of New Jersey rejected Seitz’s contract as being too generous his supporters rushed through a contract exceeding the States guidelines?

Do you believe after the public was apprehensive to spend $4,000,000 on field repairs and enhancements in this economy, Seitz and his supporters came up with an $11,000,000 plan?

Do you believe that [School Board President] Frank Calabria continues to support Seitz and his contract?

Do you believe that Frank Calabria has numerous relatives and friends who work for the Board of Education?

Do you believe that [School Board Vice President] Frank Neglia works for the same college LeRoy Seitz has acquired a position in?

Do you believe that [school board candidate] Alison Cogan indicated in a debate last year that she was in favor of LeRoy Seitz’s contract?

Do you believe that Alison Cogan is running with LeRoy Seitz’s’ ardent supporters?

Do you believe these individuals have the best interest of the Parsippany students and taxpayers in mind, or their own self interests in mind?

Do you believe it is time for a change?

Ask yourself – are they good for the students? Are they good for Parsippany? Can we afford them?

If you believe as I do, we can no longer afford their family and friends plan. Do not support Calabria, Neglia and Cogan.

Mike Strumolo

Michael Strumolo is a sitting member of the Parsippany Board of Education. 

Richard November 06, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Whatever happened to home rule? Washington should not tell Trenton how to run NJ, and Trenton should not be telling Parsippany how to run its school system. Look at the mess they have created! Why should Trenton dictate to Parsippany how much it should pay its superintendent? Why should Trenton and Washington tell Parsippany ice cream cannot be sold in the cafeteria? Where will it end? There is an old saying that is still true - you get what you pay for. Do we really want to send our very capable school administrators to NY, PA and DE school districts where their abilities will be rewarded with fair compensation? For all the superintendents in the state, Dr Seitz had no alternative but to bring an action to defend his contract.
Hank Heller November 06, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Richard, I so dearly want to agree with you but we have a problem here in Parsippany. The problem is this: we have a BOE that absolutely demands overseeing! This BOE has taken the public's money, used it as they have decided and brought very little benefit to our school system, our students AND especially, our taxpayers. What this BOE has done is take every advantage for itself, it's cronies and it's political supporters. The bullyism that is exhibited by this BOE is legendary. If a member (or even a taxpayer) does not agree with the direction of the majority of this BOE, the person who is not in agreement is marginalized, defamed and under attack all the time. I have seen this meeting after meeting. This is one good reason why Home Rule might not always be the best approach to making good things happen locally. A good example of this is the fact that our current BOE administration has budgeted facilities maintenance for years, but has done very little to keep our fields, sports facilities and locker rooms in a decent manner. Now we are being asked to put UP TO $11MM more of taxpayer money in their hands to finally do the job that we have paid to have done for years. Do you think that after building a new athletic plant at both high schools this bunch will suddenly get religion and take care of what we are being asked to buy for them? Personally, I doubt it. This is only ONE example. I could put forth many more examples of this majority's abuse of power.
steve revette November 06, 2012 at 08:30 PM
You're right I believe in home rule to an extent. However taxes need to be controlled and when your're spending taxpayer money to sue the state because in your opinion the taxpayers don't pay enough already I expect Trenton and Washington to intervene. Also maybe Trenton and Washington intervening will get some questions answered instead of the NO COMMENT or I can't answer that because it's in litigation.. I still would like to know if the Board was so confident that the written permission was coming How come To this day it hasn't come. Also if Dr. Seitz wants to go to anywhere we should be all happy that we'd be getting an awesome superintendent in Nancy Gigante. If. Dr Seitz leaves good maybe Dr. Gigante will install respect into her teachers something Dr. Seitz doesn't know the meaning of.
Monica Sclafani November 08, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Hank, let's tell the full story when you're giving your ONE example and not some half truth. There is always a line item for facility maintenance in the school budget, but when the taxpayers fail to pass a budget, those monies are sometimes used for the classroom. No, I'm not blaming the taxpayer, that's just the way it is. How many school budgets have been passed in, say, the last 10/12 years? How much money has the Town Council reduced the school budget by in the last 12 years? Sometimes it becomes a question of education vs. facilities. Facility maintenance was put on the front burner when Dr. Seitz and Marlene Wendolowski were hired, but we're still playing catch-up. You fail to mention that the $11MM "athletic plant" is proposed in the form of a referendum. And it's not $11MM, it's an $8MM PROPOSAL that has been sent to the State for approval, whose number can still be reduced. Taxpayers will have the opportunity to vote yes or no on the referendum. I don't see any abuse of power here. Just wanted to set the record straight.
Hank Heller November 09, 2012 at 04:38 AM
Monica, Why don't you tell us how many budgets were passed in the last 10-12 years? And how much the Town Council has reduced the school budgets in the same period. When we have budgets of $131MM or so, there is usually some extra money in some bucket, or do you imagine Seitz has managed down to the penny? The facilities have not gone to "hell in a hand basket" in one or two years. This has been an ongoing situation for many years and this administration has presided over a long-term abandonment of maintenance obligations. If you walked around those fields you would see the sorry state the stands, fields, tracks, fencing and paths are in. I don't believe that the current administration cares to spend money on maintenance. I feel that their hostility toward the taxpayers has caused the facilities to decline so they can foment the community battle that we have had to live through for the past year. Now we will vote on a referendum that will be worded how??? And if it is passed, which of us believe that all the funds will be used as the referendum demands? I am sure you believe what you say, Monica. I just don't see it the same way as you do. And, you know we all have many more examples than one.


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