School Budget Passes by 66 Percent

Think you missed anything in the Chathams this week?

This week by over 66 percent. They also voted Kim Cronin and Jill Weber as new members of the Board of Education representing the township and the borough respectively, and sent Lata Kenney and Richard Connors back for .

Before Election Day, the Board of Education announced this week that . Fyffe currently serves as interim superintendent in Stanhope and will step into his new role in Chatham over the summer.

In response to concerns from the residents of Chatham and students at Chatham High School, the board also announced that they would of the high school parking lot on May 23 at 6:30 p.m. before the regular meeting.

The Chatham Borough with a 3.13 percent increase on the tax levy. gave Chatham Patch some tips on going green this week.

In Chatham Township, the committee officially from St. Hubert’s, the local shelter, to an interlocal agreement with several nearby communities including Harding, Livingston, Millburn, Madison and New Providence.

this week to renovate the basement of Bob and Jennifer Papa in Chatham Borough into a home office for Bob. Jennifer applied for Bob to get the “Work From Home Cave,” and after Bob nearly took off his hand during construction, the crew got Jennifer to help instead.

Top scholars at Chatham High School were inducted as Wednesday night.

The in a Morris County Tournament Game on April 23, and the 16-0 on Monday and on Tuesday. The boys on Tuesday 12-4.


DMM May 03, 2011 at 03:49 PM
My question is why the 4.7% increase in salaries and benefits in the shcool budget in the amount of $41,821, 047 (an increase of $1,875,977 over the previous year)? In a time when most residents are facing salary freezes or cuts, and for those who receive an increase, that doesn't even equal cost of living, why are we still supporting the old model? The increase in our taxes and decrease in programs would be a non-issue if the salaries (which make up 73.9% of the school budget) were temporarily frozen. We cow under the threat of cutting programs for our children when instead we should be challenging the composition of the budget and asking why those programs for our children aren't receiving the same consideration and increase as the salaries.


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