1 Injury in Borough House Fire

Police say the fire started near a gas-converted fireplace.

said there was one injury in a house fire that started at approximately midnight Tuesday morning.

According to police and Mayor Nelson Vaughan, the fire started in a gas-converted fireplace. Police Chief Philip J. Crosson said the fireplace had been running for two days straight, as during the

"The area around the fireplace became overheated," Crosson said, and the mantle caught on fire.

Only one resident was home at the time, police said. The resident tried used a sweater to try to put the flames out until the sweater caught on fire, and then tried to stomp out the flames resulting in burns to his feet, according to police.

The victim was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital, police said. Four other residents of the house were staying elsewhere due to the lack of power, according to Vaughan.

Vaughan said a family pet, a cat named Katie, suffered smoke inhilation and was given oxygen and transported to an animal rescue center.

The Chatham Borough Fire Department, Chatham Township Fire Department, Madison Fire Department and Chatham Emergency Squad reported to the scene, Vaughan said.

Chatham Patch will update this story as further information becomes available.

Emanon November 02, 2011 at 02:10 AM
Amazing not more fires with recent power outages and people doing whatever they can to keep house warm.
middle schooler November 02, 2011 at 12:52 PM
No more info?


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