Police: Man Drunk When He Crashed Boat

The following information was supplied by the New Jersey State Police and the Jefferson Township Police. It does not indicate a conviction.

One man was charged with operating a vessel while under the influence after a boat crash on Lake Hopatcong late last week that damaged a dock, according to the New Jersey State Police.

Scott Fitzgerald, 49, of Hopatcong, was charged after Jefferson Township police received the call last Thursday night. Police and responded to the scene.

"We notified the state police and contained the scene until their arrival, as they had no one at the Lake Hopatcong station at the time," said Capt. Eric Wilsusen, of the Jefferson Township Police.

Jefferson officers determined Fitzgerald may have been intoxicated. He and his passenger, Charles Nappi, 48, of Rockaway, were transported to the Dover campus of St. Clare's Hospital.

State police took over the scene at that point, issuing Fitzgerald the summons.

"We were en route to responding to the call on Lake Hopatcong when we were informed that the driver of the boat was being transported to St. Clare's in Dover. We then went to the hospital," said Trooper Christopher Kay, of the New Jersey State Police.

According to neighbors, the boat hit a dock, soared over a dinghy, leaving dock fragments in the dinghy, and came to rest on the bank. 

susan July 03, 2012 at 11:39 AM
it is the locals who do this i always here its not the lake is a urinal and garbage dump and they got alot of nerve with SAVE THE LAKE. i moved up here 16yrs ago and i hardly swim in the lake because its only a oversized septic
CJMP July 09, 2012 at 09:48 PM
You can't say it's just the locals that do it...did you go boat to boat and ask each person in the cove where they were from? I've been boating on this lake for 30 years and have always respected it...it was my weekend getaway. I moved on the lake 14 years ago, and love it just as much as I did when I was just a "weekend warrior". And I respect the lake even more now...I live here...why would I want to ruin it? Unfortunately, there a people that are just selfish and disrespectful by nature and could care less about the environment in general...I'm sure those same lake litter bugs throw garbage out of their car windows too. As far as the lake being a septic, I don't believe the swimmers relieving themselves is as big a problem as the home septic systems leaching into the lake, particularly after a bad storm. We do need initiatives like "Save the Lake". The residents and businesses on the lake, plus the regular summer boaters should care enough to help sustain the lake for decades to come.
Infact July 11, 2012 at 05:37 PM
jazzman you say the dumbest things.. really
Infact July 11, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Susan, I’m trying to be nice here but it bothers me when people speak about the lake that I grew up on 50 years plus without know what they are saying.. Where does the lake get its water from? We don’t fill it up with hoses, its spring fed.. The lake is obtaining thousands of gallons of NEW FRESH water daily which is cycled by all the boating, weather etc.. Furthermore, the overflow of water is released to the Musconetcong river. When you take the millions of gallons of water that are being cycled through the lake and compare it to 3 months (mainly weekends) of people taking a leak, the results most likely cant even be detected if there were environmental tests done looking for this.. Am I gonna reach down and grab a cup full to drink, no.. But as far as saying you wont swim in the lake, perhaps its a mental thing and something you need to work on..
CJMP July 11, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Thank you, Infact, for confirming my sentiments regarding the lake. I was going to comment about the lake being spring fed, the water release at the damn, water flow, rain water, etc affecting the lake in positive ways, but I wasn't sure how to word it affectively. I'm on the same page as you!


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