Butler Woman Accused of Shooting Husband Headed to Trial

Amalia Mirasola allegedly shot her husband six times while he was sleeping in 2010.

A woman accused of shooting her husband six times, killing him while he slept, in 2010 is scheduled for trial in December, according to NJ.com.

Forty-seven-year-old Amalia Mirasola, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is wheelchair-bound, allegedly told , "I think I shot my husband," when they arrived on the scene on May 22, 2010 and found Carl Mirasola, 43, dead. But that statement, and others, should not be allowed as evidence in court, according to defense attorney Kalman Geist, because they were made before Mirasola was read her rights, as reported by NJ.com.

Amalia Mirasola was in March of 2011.

A hearing to discuss dismissing the statements has been scheduled for Oct. 24 and Mirasola will head to trial on the case on Dec. 4.

Read the full story from NJ.com here.


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