Daytime Burglars Strike in Chester Township

Chester Township Police report Reger Road home targeted by thieves.

While the police chiefs of the surrounding communities were meeting on Monday to strategize over the string of recent burglaries in the Morris County area and beyond, a Chester Township home was hit by thieves.

"We have no reason to believe this burglary is connected in any way to the other burglaries," Chester Township Police Chief Wayne Martini said. "But we have no information that says it isn't connected."

Martini said the investigation of the Oct. 15 daytime burglary was ongoing, but according to a statement released by Sergeant Ed Noonan, forced entry was gained through the front door of the home on Reger Road.

The Chester Township Police Department urged residents to always secure their homes and to immediately report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.   

"If we are going to catch these guys it is going to come from residents alerting us to suspicious activity," Martini said. "It doesn't help us the next day. If they see something out of place they need to contact us immediately."

Anyone with information regarding these burglaries is asked to contact Det. Anthony DaCunza and Det. Brian Gill at (908) 879-5514 Ext. 833/832.

The Chester Township Police also asked residents follow a few tips:

1)    While away from home, lock all doors and windows. Do not leave any keys hiding near the residence. The best deterrent is to have motion activated lighting, an alarm system and if possible, a camera system installed on the premises.

2)    Do not announce on social media sites that you are going on vacation or intend to be away.

3)    Keep your valuables somewhere other than in the Master bedroom. Many burglaries involve the quick ransacking of just the Master bedroom due to the fact that most people keep their valuables there. A heavy safe located somewhere other than in the Master bedroom is a good option.

4)    Lock up your vehicles while parked at the residence, both outdoors as well as in the garage. Do not leave keys in or near the parked vehicles.  Be sure to remove all personal belongings and electronics (phones, purses, laptops, garage door openers, etc.) from parked vehicles.

5)    Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you suspect that you are being followed, go to the nearest police station or to a brightly lit/ populated area and call 911.

6)    Be observant of any suspicious activity in your neighborhood including vehicles or people that you are unfamiliar with. A good physical description of the suspicious person(s) and or a license plate for a vehicle is very helpful.

Burgle away October 17, 2012 at 02:44 AM
Live in a town with a huge police force that has ample time to patrol neighborhoods as deterrent- oh wait, that doesn't work in any of the afore mentioned towns as police are busy hiding in bushes looking for speeders, cell phone using house-wives, seat-belt scofflaws and other n'er do wells.
Sharona October 17, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Yes, and sadly I think the burglars made the same observations which is why they've targeted our towns.


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