Firehouse Completed, Formally Accepted by Council

Kinnelon's newest firehouse praised by borough officials.

With Kinnelon's newest firehouse now completed on Boonton Avenue, the borough council formally accepted the facility by resolution at Thursday night's council meeting.

Former Mayor Glenn Sisco thanked the council for giving the fire company "a facility that we're extremely proud of." He said the fire company had been asking for a new Co. 2 firehouse for so long-12 years, Councilman Dan O'Dougherty later remarked-but that it had never before now come to fruition.

"We have tried for years to get funding and the funding just wasn't there," Sisco said.

Before the new firehouse was built, the previous firehouse stood in its place since 1968. Fire company members had complained that with the newer model trucks, there was not enough room for firefighters to get from one side of the truck to the other without opening a bay door. The majority of the work on the new firehouse was complete by October.

Mayor Robert Collins said the facility was one that the firefighters should enjoy after the long process it took to get it approved and constructed.

"We're so fortunate to have the volunteers that we have," he said.

Collins joked that the new building will serve the public "for at least 100 years, maybe more."

"The effort and commitment that was put forth to make that project happen spanned more than a decade," he said.

Councilman Ron Mondello commented on the attractiveness of the building, and said his son even called it "beautiful."

"It's just a beautiful building, but it's functional and you guys need it," he said.

Mondello said, in front of more than a dozen firefighters who were in attendance at the meeting, that he commended the volunteers for taking time away from their families to protect the people of Kinnelon.

Councilman Jim Freda also called the building "beautiful."

"It's a beautiful building and you guys should be proud of it," he said.

Sisco said the fire company is planning an unveiling of the firehouse for community members at a later date.


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