Hurricane Sandy: 'We're Ready' Bloomingdale Business Owner Says

Some Main Street business owners concerned about storm while others said they are waiting to see what happens.

While a gray sky was cast over Bloomingdale Sunday afternoon, Main Street was quiet, with few people in sight.

Not even many business owners could be seen outside preparing for the storm expected to slam New Jersey this week, which may produce potentially leaving much of Main Street under water for days.

Upen Shah, an employee of Kwik-Mart, said he was too exhausted to think about what damage the storm could bring and he would be playing it by ear mostly. Last year, the deli and market flooded and had significant damage done to its flooring. The Pequannock River runs directly behind the Bloomingdale business.

The Borough of Bloomingdale began preparing for the storm last week, with borough officials sending Swift Reach 9-1-1 automated messages to residents and all tri-boro schools announcing they would be closed on Monday. The storm is expected to bring heavy rainfall, which could lead to flooding, and extended power outages. Main Street has a history of flooding, especially over the past several years, and typically the road is shut down after filling with water. Some residents who live nearby have been evacuated in the past.

As a precaution, Shah picked up a few sand bags that were offered by the Borough of Bloomingdale Sunday morning. He also planned to elevate store items that were on the floor. But Shah said Kwik-Mart was planning to open on Monday and Tuesday.

"We'll see. If we're scared of an emergency, we might close," he said.

On the same side of the street, a couple doors down, at Bloomingdale Buy Rite & Liquors, employees said they did not fear damage from the impending storm and they did not see damage at all last year.

"We don't really get water in here," one employee said.

But a few feet away, Danny's Pizza owner Danny Auteri said he was most scared of losing power.

"We lose everything," he said.

Auteri began preparing for the storm by also grabbing some sand bags from the borough, repairing a back door that was flooded last year and blocking it off with the bags. He has several more sand bags ready to block off the front door as well.

"It's better to be prepared," he said.

Danny's Pizza is typically closed on Mondays, but Auteri said he is prepared to close the business Tuesday as well if he has to.

"We don't know how it's going to be," he said.

Auteri said he has prepared the business for whatever the storm may bring as much as possible.

"We're ready," he said.

Next door, the Twinkling Stars Nursery School posted signs advising parents that the facility may close because of the weather Monday and Tuesday and that they should check the business' website for details.

The threat of the storm may also do some damage to the business of the businesses. Candy Shack, a new candy store on Main Street, was preparing to for Halloween during its second week of business.

"Halloween would have been our busiest time of the year," Co-owner Davinder Kaushal said.

But Kaushal said he is unsure whether the business will be able to open on Wednesday because of the storm. Now, in addition to preparing the candy, if the store is able to open, Kaushal said he also prepared the business' back door to be blocked by sand bags so that water does not get inside.


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