Mayor: Residents Should Report Outages, Check on Neighbors

JCP&L crews working in the township until 8:30 p.m., Mayor Hagner says.

Chatham Township Mayor Nicole Hagner said residents with continued power outages should make sure to call JCP&L.

"If you don't call, they don't know that your power is out," Hagner said. "I know it's frustrating to go through all the little prompts, but that's how they know to check on that [area.]"

Hagner said the building at 45 Spring St. would be open Wednesday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for residents to warm up and charge their electronics. There is no internet available from the building.

Hagner also said the township has "secured additional resources to get the debris cleared" from township streets. The state is providing extra crews of workmen to remove trees and get primary utility wires functional again.

Several neighborhoods in Chatham Township, including the Rolling Hills section, Meyersville Road, Sterling Drive, Crestwood Drive and Williams Road. and are both without power, and power is intermittent at .

JCP&L crews were working on Shunpike Road Tuesday evening trying to restore power. employees are also working throughout town to clear roads, but they cannot restore power or work with utility wires.

The Chatham Township Municipal Building is without power. All calls are being rerouted to the Chatham Township Police Department, which can be reached at (973) 635-4600.

"I know people are frustrated," Hagner said. "We're trying to work with JCP&L to get the power back on ... [and] get reimbursed for damage caused by this latest storm."

Hagner said she contacted the governor's office to discuss the slow response to the damage in Chatham. "After Irene we had meetings with the state [to make] sure the power companies have the appropriate infrastructure to respond to emergencies like this," she said. "I think throughout the state you can hear that people are frustrated with the response."

Hagner asked that residents check on each other, especially those with elderly or confined neighbors. "It's been very much appreciated," she said.

The are sending updates through Nixle. To receive updates from the township and other surrounding towns, text your zip code to 888777.

Andrew November 02, 2011 at 10:03 PM
I just spoke with her at the EMS and know all details. I will be on NJ TV tomorrow representing my part of town. Follow me for updates @thesicilian33 on twitter. Email thesicilian33@gmail.com
Douglas Pitney November 02, 2011 at 10:36 PM
Make sure to call JCP&L, again if you already have. Make sure they open a trouble report during your call for your account number. The JCP&L rep. should then advise you that you will receive an automated call when power is restored. If the JCP&L system thinks that your power is restored and it is not, make sure to push "2" when the call comes in. This will keep your trouble report open. Our automated call did not come until a couple hours after power was restored.
Alena D. November 03, 2011 at 06:20 PM
Half of River Road is restored Monday night up until where the Fire Department is. Unfortunately, we are few houses away from Fire Department and JCP&L decided to stop working on the rest of our street because we are not a priority and Fire Department is. At least, FD could have offered shelter, have hot shower, etc. to the rest of the family who doesn't have power. I have a 1 year old and already sick and taking antibiotics because of all this. Checked on River Road again last night and the trees that are resting on the power line are untouched. JCP&L should have cut the trees that are touching the power line and residents who doesn't want their trees cut (because they said it's pretty) should have been more considerate to others in case of some disaster happens like this one are to be blamed as well.
028651 November 03, 2011 at 10:28 PM
Mayor Hagner is as useless as they come....when she needs votes she will walk around going door to door smiling and promoting herself. But she takes 4 days to respond to this storm and only passes out stupid advice....yep she's a politician alright!
michjele November 04, 2011 at 09:51 AM
Nicole Hagner should be voted out of office. Pure and simple. She should not move on to the Assembly like she wants to next week. Two storms in two months without power and we still have not heard from her. Where is the OUTRAGE? Darien Ct had similar issues last year. They set up emergency warm shelters, they provided activities for the children and teens of the area, They had places to get a warm meal or to clean their laundry. The only info we received was that school was cancelled and that Halloween was postponed. Are you kidding? We have had no updates. JCPandL has held us hostage. Bottom line, is that there was very little manpower mobilized to the area. I saw plenty of trucks. Our Mayor, Nicole Hagner, is not a leader. She clearly did not organize any help for us. She did not communicate any information. She did not negotiate on our behalf with the state or with the utility companies. The people of Chatham are very resilient and worked hard to take care of themselves. It was a bad storm. There is no dispute. However, it should not take 5-6 days to be able to drive to one's home. Trees could definitely have been moved to the side. Wires could have been moved out of the streets. The response time was a joke. There was no information provided last Saturday during the storm either. Bottom line, in a time of crisis, no leadership existed in Chatham Township. The Mayor should step down


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