New Trick-or-Treat Date to be Announced Tuesday

Mayor James Barberio said he is doing what he must to protect the safety of Parsippany's children.

In his latest press statement, Mayor James Barberio referenced a number of items pertaining to Sandy recovery, including one of particular interest to parents and kids.

Barberio said he will announce a new date for the township's rescheduled Halloween celebration on Tuesday.

In his release, he reminded residents of the state of emergency that still exists.

"Many of the traffic signals are still not operational, wires are down and while these wires might not be visible, they can often lie beneath the leaves on the street," the statement said. "The danger is very real."

As an example, the release mentioned that trucks are not allowed on South Beverwyck Road, which is open to cars, because of a low-hanging wire at the now-open Interstate 80 East exit ramp. 

The mayor's statement urged families to keep their children off the streets and to refrain from driving at night if at all possible.

"Please do not allow [kids] to go trick-or-treating just yet—the consequences are not worth it. The last thing Mayor Barberio wants to see is any injuries that might occur as a result of people not heeding this warning."

Barberio also addressed the storm expected to arrive this week.

"There is also a strong nor'easter that will be coming up the coast and is forecast to impact us on Wednesday," the statement said. "This storm is predicted to have strong winds and heavy rain (1-3 inches). State, county and local Offices of Emergency Management are keeping a close eye on the storm that is still currently forming. More information will be available in the next coming 24 hours. We urge all of our citizens and business owners to begin preparing for this storm now."

In other recovery-related news, the mayor said that garbage pickup will take place Tuesday. The recycling center will be open from 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. weekdays.

He reminded residents of the importance of conserving water. The Water Department remains on generator power and is being stretched to the limit. He said there may be times where water pressure is lower than usual.

The release added that freezing temperatures are expected Monday night. To give residents a safe place to sleep, the town's shelter and warming/charging station at the Parsippany Community Center remains open. The Parsippany Police Athletic League building will be open until 9 p.m. Monday as a warming/charging station as well. Additional warming centers are being offered at the Mt. Tabor and Lake Hiawatha library branches; they will be open again Tuesday.

Carol November 06, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Just wanted to update you that the Troy Hills area and Beverwyck road, lord Stirling Drive,park side areas are into day9 of no power.now it is stated that this could go on into next week. Who will be affected by no power till next week. jCP&L do not as sewer their phones. You seem to be our ONLY source of information. Could you please try and find this answer for us? Thanks for all of your help. Without u we would be more in the dark.
Vicky Santana November 06, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Forget about trick-or-treating. We have more serious issues like getting power back for Carol and our fellow neighbors. If we teach our children values they will understand that Halloween comes around once a year unlike hurricanes.
Annie November 07, 2012 at 02:14 AM
Please call JCP and L customer service # 1-800-662-3115 everyday! For Hazardous situations like down Power lines and multiple streetlight problems and power outages. Call customer service every day and let them know it is very important they fix this situation as it is a Safety issue now. It is best to call at 8AM as they are less busy at this time. I called today and they are hoping to have everybody up in Parsippany by SAT. They should be ashamed for keeping us in the dark for so long. They should not send us a bill for this whole month or offer us a deep discount. We are losing a lot of money on gas for the generator, going out to eat everyday, hotel stays. This is a natural disaster and I understand but they are the Power experts and they should have a plan in place to keep us all safe. This is a major inconvenience. We are high paying tax customers and we do not deserve to be treated like this. Our power should have been restored long time ago. I wonder what Mayor James Barberio could do to help us. HIS # is 973-263-4297 or 973-263-4262 or e-mail his office at partroymayorsoffice@parsippany.net. Call him too and ask him.
Vicki R November 07, 2012 at 03:35 PM
I agree but if the parents want their kids to trick or treat, why not arrange a "trunk or treating" at one of the schools? It would be safer than having the kids on street where danger, such as downed power lines, exist.
Parsippany Taxpayer November 09, 2012 at 04:33 AM
trick or treat could be an interesting evening -- if the kid makes it to the door they get a treat. If they get zapped along the way it is a free courtesy trick from JCP&L and our local govt not doing their job. Might not be a fun night for those that still like their kids after dealing with them for days of not having any power on the bright side if your kid glows in the dark from the down wire you don't have to worry about having enough D size batteries..


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