Mendham Readies Shelter, Sends Reverse 911 Call

The Garabrant Center and firehouse in Mendham Borough and the firehouse in Mendham Township have been designated as shelters.

Although they aren't open yet, residents of Mendham will have options should they need the proverbial shelter from the storm.

According to Mendham Borough Police Chief Pat Libertino, the Garabrant Center on Wilson Avenue and the the Mendham Fire Department's firehouse would be ready to use as shelters soon.

"They aren't open yet, but they will be open for residents soon," Libertino said.

Mendham Township had previously stated the Brookside Engine Company's firehouse would be used as a warming station and shelter. Residents of both Mendham's received a reverse 911 call, after a tree went down on Cold Hill Road, asking them to stay on the first floor of their homes until the heavy winds of the storm left.

Libertino said that residents would be alerted as soon as the shelters were open and that anyone with questions can contact him at the police department.

"I am not clocking out at 6 p.m.," Libertino said. "I will be staying here overnight. I owe the residents that at the very least for everything they have done for me."

jefco348 October 29, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Thanks Pat,it is too bad our absentee mayor and councilman Badal were not on top of their game.There is nothing but a bare floor to sleep on at the Garabrant center......


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