Money Scam Reported By Bloomingdale Resident

Police warn public to beware similar instances where strangers ask for money.

Bloomingdale police are warning residents about what to look out for in money scams after an elderly resident lost money by sending it to who they believed to be a relative overseas.

According to Ptl. Dan Fletcher, Ptl. Robert Grabowski responded to the resident's home on Thursday when the resident said he had received a call from a person claiming to be a relative. The person allegedly told him that they were out of the country and in trouble and needed money and that the resident should send it through Western Union. Money was sent and the incident turned out to be a scam, Fletcher said. The resident's real relative was not in another country or in any trouble.

"Unfortunately this and similar scams are done and can be effective. Often targets are senior citizens, but are not limited to them. Scams can be done via phone like this one, but also in person as well as email or other impersonal communications," Fletcher said. "Before giving money to supposed family members, contractors who weren't called, but simply showed up at your door to work on your residence or the prince trapped in a foreign country, consult with a trusted family member or friend before sending money."

If anyone questions whether they are being scammed in a similar way, Fletcher said residents should contact Bloomingdale police at 973-838-0158.


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