Nor'easter Had Montville Prepared for 'Major Winter Storm'

Township DPW crews keep roads clear while utility workers continue to restore power.

Only about 75 percent of Montville residents were with power Wednesday and a winter storm seemed daunting to many. But Montville Mayor Tim Braden said the township was prepared to take on whatever weather the storm might bring.

"We're not taking this storm mildly," Braden said, as Department of Public Works crews began loading trucks with salt and prepping plows early Wednesday morning. "We are prepared to deal with this as if it's a major winter storm."

As Braden spoke, nearly a dozen residents found warmth and power outlets at the the new location for comfort and shelter the township has staffed. The shelter was planning to close for the night Wednesday.

"The plan is to close at 10 p.m. as a warming center, unless the need [to stay overnight] arises," Nancy Mertz, who works in the township's social services department and has been helping run the shelter, said.

Braden said the storm was not expected to affect continuing JCP&L power restoration efforts in the township and that the linemen are able to work in the bucket trucks until winds reach 40 mph. Sections of town near the Lake Valhalla community and Taylortown Road area had not yet seen power restored since Tropical Storm Sandy caused outages beginning on Oct. 29.

For the past week, township DPW crews have been continuing to clear roadways of trees and wires. Braden said prior to Wednesday, the roads were inventoried again and determined to be passable, particularly if plow trucks needed to get through.

"We will do our best to plow all the roads," Braden said.

As for Wednesday's storm, Braden said that the township was planning for the worst. He said Wednesday's storm had particularly bad timing as township employees from the DPW and police department have been working long hours with little rest. The employees have "been taxed," Braden said, working for 10 days dealing with storm-related issues from Sandy. This has amounted to countless hours of overtime.

But Braden said he greatly appreciates the work of the employees and that he is hopeful that the employees soon have a chance to get some rest.

Patricia Plishka November 08, 2012 at 07:10 PM
@D Ambiano> you are right it is expensive, but at least they should start doing somewhere especially on our street where we lose power if you look @ the trees too long. Gotta take a bite to eat the sandwich, as they say.
Jen Wogen November 08, 2012 at 07:27 PM
It's unbelievable that we are on day 11 without power. Did you know that Indian Lane lost power last night, was down for a few hours and JCPL showed up early this morning with a bucket truck and fixed their power?? While next door on Waughaw we have been out for 11 days?? I called JCPL this morning and they told me their original timelines were delayed b/c of the new storm although they were still prioritizing those who were still out from Sandy, which is total BS. I still couldn't get a timing estimate from them.
Patricia Plishka November 08, 2012 at 07:36 PM
@ Jen...I share your pain and frustration. I did not know about Indian Lane but I am not surprised. As neighbors, you know WE ALWAYS LOSE POWER AND ARE THE LAST TO BE RESTORED.) Maybe we should all pay our bill 11 days late & see if they like it. Money is power. (I'm queen of cliches but I find they're mostly true.)
Patricia Plishka November 08, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Sign this petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/governor-chris-christie-and-jcp-l-remove-jcp-l-from-service-in-new-jersey
Patricia Plishka November 08, 2012 at 09:08 PM
START CALLING PEOPLE! THESE ARE NUMBERS COLLECTED FROM GOOGLE SEARCH OF COPORATE DIRECT DIAL NUMBERS TO FIRST ENERGY EXECUTIVES! CALL EVERYONE AT FIRST ENERGY AND TELL THEM WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! 330-384-5808 330-384-5500 330-384-5100 330-384-4901 330-384-3859 330-384-4580 330-384-5814 330-384-5022 330-384-5742 330-384-5375 330-384-5821 330-384-2454 330-384-5022 330-384-5806 330-384-5247 330-384-4580


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