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Parking Prohibited on Snow-Covered Tri-Boro Roads

Police ask residents to park in driveways so plows can come through.

Police are warning residents not to park their vehicles on borough roadways as plow trucks and salters make their way through the tri-boro to clear roadways.

Kinnelon police sent Nixle alerts out twice Friday asking subscribers not to park on borough roads.

"Be advised it is prohibited to park on snow covered roads," police said. "Vehicles left upon the road are subject to fines according to BO 88-22."

Fines can also be imposed on drivers who do not clear off their cars before driving with snow on them. This can cause a safety risk to motorists surrounding the snow-covered car.

Butler and Bloomingdale have similar parking bans that ask residents not to park on streets, not only during and after snowstorms, but during certain times throughout the season. Particularly after snowfall, however, police in both boroughs also ask residents and visitors not to park on borough roads.

M. Justicel February 10, 2013 at 02:23 AM
How many times does the average person need to hear that we cannot park on the roadways when it snows? I don't believe you can park in the roadway on any street in New Jersey when it snows. So far, I have received nixle alerts, emails from local and the state police, and now the patch. We are bordering on the ridiculous when everytime it snows, you need to be reminded. Who is in charge of this? Stop already!
Richard Dean February 10, 2013 at 08:13 PM
Anyone who doesn't want to get the alerts should just opt out of the courtesy alerts being sent. I am a Butler resident who spends a lot of time in Kinnelon through my retirement job and other activities, so do appreciate the Nixle text and email alerts, the articles here at Tri-Boro Patch, and other methods. Spending 34 years dispatching from the Borough of Butler Communications Center I can say that many years ago we only dreamt of having such high tech instant communications. Any alerts or emails I receive that I don't want I just delete them.
M. Justicel February 12, 2013 at 12:23 AM
My point had nothing to do with getting alerts! It's getting an alert about parking on the streets when it snows. I don't need to be alerted that its going to snow and I can't park in the streets. That's what I meant! It's a waste of time getting alerts on things people should already know.


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