Sex Offender Ordered to Undergo Psychological Evaluation

Man was arrested in Kinnelon Monday for urinating on self inside business.

The registered sex offender who was charged Monday with criminal sexual contact in Kinnelon and making explicit comments to an employee was ordered by a Morristown judge to undergo a psychological evaluation, according to NJ.com.

William E. Rhode III allegedly has a history of arrests in Kinnelon for similar incidents, as well as in other municipalities, according to Lt. John Schwartz. In 2002, Rhode allegedly defecated in his pants at the and then in 2004, he allegedly soiled himself in a pair of tights at the

Schwartz said Rhode may be living out of a homeless shelter in Newark, and that he was homeless at the times of the prior arrests. Schwartz said he believed Rhode had taken the bus to Kinnelon from Newark on Monday just before the incident at Mandee, in which he allegedly walked into the store wearing only long underwear and a blue T-shirt and asked a female employee to help him try on a dress.

Police alleged he asked the female employee to stand by the dressing room and tell him how he looked in the dress, at which point, he urinated on himself. Police also said they later discovered he had defecated during the incident, and that Rhode has admitted to police in the past that he derives sexual pleasure from doing so.

According to NJ.com, Rhode appeared in court Wednesday for a bail hearing in which Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Brant Rafuse attempted to lower Rhode's $50,000 bail to $2,500 because it was outside the bail range prescribed by the state for the fourth-degree offense Rhode was charged with Monday. Superior Court Judge David Ironson lowered the bail to $5,000, but mandated a psychological evaluation for Rhode before he could be released from the Morris County jail or bail could be lowered further.

Read the full story from NJ.com here.

NJ.com also reported that in 2000, Rhode was found guilty of criminal sexual contact after he reportedly fondled a child in Passaic County. He was then listed as a Megan's Law offender.

Scondo April 19, 2012 at 07:16 PM
And in the interest of moving things along, here is his psychological evaluation: He is as crazy as the rodent running around in the privy.
smurfette April 19, 2012 at 10:10 PM
It is obvious he has psychological issues.
Chris Traynor April 27, 2012 at 04:33 PM
I don't mean to make light of this man's plight or the retail employees that have encountered "ol' wet 'n stinky" (seriously ... as a society, we must do more to support and house those with such diseases of the mind ... putting them out on the streets harms us all), but does anyone else see the comical divergence between this man's acts and his name? Its just not something you'd expect from a person carrying such an upper crust moniker ... "William E. Rode III." Here's my proposal: the courts should compel him to change his name to Sir Tinkle Von Poopie-Pants. It will do nothing to resolve his plight or erase the symptoms of PTSD that his public excremental performances surely have caused, but it will, at the very least, give the public a good chuckle every time his name appears in the paper for any future bowel movements he might be planning for the upcoming regional shopping mall openings. The results of the name change might look like this: "Tuesday, Paramus SWAT officers were called to the Greenfield mall opening when Sir Tinkle Von Poopie-Pants appeared at the entrance of the new Mrs. Field's Cookies asking the teenage counter girl if he could take off his pants and try on a store apron." The bottom line: If we can't fix the world, let's make the news of its demise more entertaining.


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