Son Testifies Against Father in Car Trial

Justin Aiello, 29, testified in court Thursday that his father initiated an arrangements to take $95,000 from a man trying to sell a Lamborghini.

Justin Aiello, a 29-year-old Kinnelon resident, testified Thursday that his father initiated an arrangement to take $95,000 from a man who thought he purchased a rare Lamborghini but never received the vehicle.

Aiello testified against his father Dennis in Superior Court, NJ.com reported. He said his father meant to deliver the car to the buyer but didn’t because the elder Aiello spent the money; he allegedly used the money to repay debts. He is the former owner of Any Auto Sales in Riverdale on Route 23. He is on trial on four counts of theft.

Supposedly the rare 2009 Lamborghini was owned by racing champion Mario Andretti. Justin Aiello’s longtime acquaintance, Nicolino Marino wanted to sell the vehicle, which he agreed to help him do.

Tuan Nguyen supposedly wired $95,000, and left a $10,000 deposit, to the elder Aiello’s bank account.

Justin Aiello said in court that his father wanted “to stall” the transaction in order to give him time to “get some money together,” to pay Marino. Nguyen never received the car and didn’t get his money back. 


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