UPDATED: Wayne Hills Football Star Arrested Again

Andrew Monaghan, one of nine football players charged with assault after they allegedly attacked two Wayne Valley students after a party last October, now faces disorderly conduct charge.

Andrew Monaghan, one of the nine football players charged with aggravated assault stemming from an incident at a party last October, has been arrested again, Wayne Chief John Reardon said.

Monaghan was charged with disorderly conduct at a party on Salisbury Road last Friday night, Reardon said. 

Monaghan interfered with a police officer who was investigating a noise complaint at the party, Reardon said.

An officer was trying to interview an individual at the residence when Monaghan allegedly encouraged the person to not give the officer his name and urged him to shut the door on the officer, Reardon said. Monaghan was warned three times to stop and was arrested after the third time, Reardon said. He was released on a summons. 

The charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Monaghan, 18, the only adult at the time the charges were filed, entered pre-trial intervention, a probationary-like program, earlier this year that granted him special probation in the case against him.

Reardon said the incident has nothing to do with any previous incident Monaghan was invovled in. He said he wasn't sure if the matter would have any affect on Monaghan's pre-trial intervention. 

The nine players were charged after two students after Halloween party in October 2011.

Seven of the players pleaded guilty to simple assault and were earlier this year.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office against then-team captain Troy Zaffino earlier this year. Zaffino graduated Hills in June.

The players were allowed to participate in the team’s first two state playoff games last season. The Board of Education from participating in the state championship game, and all extracurricuar activities, for the rest of last school year. An administrative law judge a few days later, after the players applied for emergent relief to have the ban lifted.

Hills on a late touchdown to win the state championship in early December.

The incident generated a firestorm of controversy for the school district, the team, and its coach, Chris Olsen.

Residents in town were often divided on how they thought Olsen, who was also the Wayne Hills’ athletic director when the incident occurred, and district officials handled the situation.

The incident prompted administrators to that prohibits athletic directors and other administrators from coaching sports teams. However, the board as athletic director. Olsen will return to coach the team, and his son Kevin, a nationally-acclaimed quarterback, next season.

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Lifelong townie July 22, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Are you a parent Anthony? Do you know how brutally those other 2 boys were beaten? That they will have physical and mental scars for life? I remember when 18 year old "children" were caught in drug/endangering the public pranks/assault charges, they were given 2 choices JAIL or MILITARY- Some of those "children" are now very productive citizens of this town currently. It worked for them-perhaps they should implement those choices again. As for his College Career, that's on his own head if it's ruined. We are the product of the choices we make and he keeps making bad ones.
Kelly Lonigan July 22, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Anthony - you obviously know very little about steroids.( or how to spell lynch) . Steroids Do Not Have to Make a Person Bigger. Too many people continue to say that they wouldn’t use steroids – or don’t think certain players use – because they don’t want/have big muscles. There are a whole host of steroids that – when used properly – do not result in “getting big.” Using Rafael Palmeiro as an example, the allegations are that he used a drug called “Stanozolol,” also known as “Winstrol.” Winstrol is a drug that - in the vernacular - people use for “cutting,” or “getting ripped,” which gives the user a lean but muscular appearance with little water retention. The strength gains from using this drug are less than from using some of the more potent androgens, but would be extremely beneficial with the added benefit of not adding size. Getting too big could attract all kinds of unwanted attention
eyes wide shut July 23, 2012 at 12:32 PM
He's out and so are you
RCRC1 August 04, 2012 at 03:22 PM
@kevin not obstruction.. a petty disorderly conduct summons was given
RCRC1 August 04, 2012 at 03:31 PM
The fact that all you have no lives and comment and judge other people is just arrogant and wrong. You 40+ year old losers are judging an 18 year old.. you must feel well accomplished and proud of your self for leaving a negative comment. Monaghan is pleading not guilty and is not to blame for an angry cop when he was only trying to help out his buddy know his rights. The cop had no right to enter the property without probable cause or a warrant and the cop was trying to enter anyways. Why dont you take your comments to the story of the guy whose robbing houses or fraud charges instead of a kid who gets charged with disorderly conduct. A PETTY LITTLE CHARGE!


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