4th of July Committee Members Resign

Township officials concerned about planning for Independence Day celebration without leadership on committee.

The Montville Township 4th of July Committee recently had several members resign, leaving township officials concerned about whether planning can begin on next year's Independence Day celebration.

Township Administrator Victor Canning mentioned the resignations to the township committee on Oct. 9. As the 4th of July Committee does not yet have new leadership, including a chairperson and vice chairperson, Canning said a request was made by the other members to find out what financial assistance the township would be providing the 4th of July Committee this year.

"They asked me to go back to you, as a body, and see what commitments you would be willing to give them going forward," Canning said.

Committeeman Don Kostka said he was concerned that the resignations would affect planning for this year's event.

"The thing that's really important to myself, as a township committee member... as our administrator aptly pointed out, it's really important that as soon as the event is over, that you start planning for the next year," Kostka said. "Who's going to fill the void?"

Kostka also said that while the township does provide some funding to the committee, which includes for DPW and police overtime approved in 2011, money is also raised for the Independence Day event.

"We, as a township committee, will provide a sum in the budget that they can count on, but the rest is up to the committee," Kostka said.

While Canning offered to be the liaison between the township committee and 4th of July Committee, Committeeman Scott Gallopo noted that the committee not having leadership is an issue for when township officials need to get in touch.

"You don't have a point of contact with them," he said.

Kostka also noted that it is difficult to have conversations about the needs for next year's event without having a point of contact from the committee to discuss the issue with.

Maxim Sapozhnikov October 17, 2012 at 12:57 PM
I live here for six years and the parade has become an integral part of being part of Montville community; it would be a great pity to lose it. I would definitely be willing to pay a trifle more in taxes to have it budgeted; we spend hundreds of thousands on significantly less worthy causes.
Rosie October 17, 2012 at 01:54 PM
So tell me - what is going on in Montville? Now this. First two assistant coaches at the high school fired - probably to please some parents whose child did not make the team and this is pay back. Or maybe something to do with the Athletic Director. Now we have two members of the 4th of July ceremony quitting???? Maybe something or someone should take a good look at Montville and try to determine what is going on there. I have lived here for many, many years and this is truly a first for both things. Still disgusted with the town.


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