Fayson Lakes Road Signage to Be Purchased With State Grant

Councilman said paving for majority of roadway also to be completed.

The has received $195,000 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) for improvements to Fayson Lakes Road which, according to Kinnelon Councilman Dan O'Dougherty, will at least partially be used for safety improvements on a dangerous curve on the roadway.

O'Dougherty, the council's liaison to the Department of Public Works, said he believes the state looked admirably at the borough for other paving and improvement projects recently completed, including on Cutlass Road, Kakeout Road and Brook Valley Road, and awarded funding again.

The majority of the funding will be used to pave the road from Boonton Avenue to just before the reservoir, where the Lake Reality community ends. But some of the money will also be used to fund safety measures on a sharp curve that has been the topic of much discussion recently.

"That sharp turn where there's going to be some additional signage," O'Dougherty said.

Police have  two weeks ago, but that and into the other lane. But several residents and even council members have criticized that section of Fayson Lakes Road in the past and said motorists often drive too fast in that area, not knowing what is coming from the other direction. 

O'Dougherty said speed bumps will not be considered on the curve, but that rumble strips may be considered and could also be funded through the grant.

"There will be no (speedbumps) because they're a liability to the community," O'Dougherty said. "Municipalities have been sued for speedbumps because of people wrecking their cars."

O'Dougherty noted that Fayson Lakes Road will not be the last road improvement project in the borough and that the borough is also hoping to improve Miller Road in the near future.

Jo March 29, 2012 at 12:31 PM
Did I miss it? I don't think Cutlass Road has been paved.....
ddasterdly March 29, 2012 at 12:39 PM
Probably, being roads that were recently paved are already deteriorating! KDPW does a great job but I wonder who the council picked as their paving company? I hope the sign placement will be BEFORE the turn and not on it. Good idea on the rumble strips,I think someone suggested that here.
steve aungst jr April 11, 2012 at 11:54 PM
Unfortubately the rumble strips are going to cause even more noise that the homeowners will have to listen too all hours of the day and night. You want traffic control, start policing and actually ticketing. Heck, I live on Fayson Lake rd, use my driveway! People drive entirely too fast around here, and it should be no more than 25mph through here. We have small children and pets, and we walk these sidewalk-less streets, and backing and pulling into and out of our driveways is dangerouse as people are too impatient to wait and will drive over the lines into oncoming traffic to speed around. Policing...thats all we need.


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