Gay Marriage Got Icy Reception in Hopatcong

At least, it did among the officials Patch spoke to earlier this year.

President Barack Obama may have made history by, but the subject got a chilly reception in Hopatcong when Patch checked in earlier this year.

Mayor Sylvia Petillo told Patch in February she hoped Gov. Chris Christie would veto a New Jersey bill to allow same-sex marriage (she hoped instead the matter would go to a public vote, as Christie advocated). The governor indeed shot the bill down.

And several Hopatcong religious leaders, however, said they wouldn't even want to see it on the ballot.

"I don't have any issue with someone who is gay," Pastor Ken Adams of said at the time. "[But] I know gay marriage is contradictory to the word of God. I'm told to preach and teach the word of God. So it's difficult for me to think that I could be able to support something that contradicts the word of God."

Wednesday, after Obama's announcement, some locals questioned his motives.

"He needs to be re-elected in November." Tony Abbondolo wrote on Hopatcong Patch's Facebook Wall. "He did NOT do it bc of morals.... If so? Why did he wait 3.5 years into a 4 year term to awaken with this epiphany?"

Reader Mark Lewis said on the Facebook wall that he thinks it's "because North Carolina just passed [an] amendment [barring gay marriage]."

But he added, with some sarcastic tone: "Also Obama is insane. Whats next? Supporting a woman's right to vote? Coming out against gang rape? I will not stand for this."

What do you think? Should gay marriage be legal? .

Mollie Comerford May 10, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Michele is just another pathetic Fox News believer/Glenn Beck wannabe . Making up "facts" to dispute rational ideas. How sad!
Jen in NJ May 10, 2012 at 09:49 PM
Michele ~ Please tell me the difference if there is a family insurance plan that pays for HIV/AIDS or an individual one...are you saying that they are getting married just so they can have health insurance...that's ridiculous! Also as someone else mentioned; HIV and AIDS is not longer a "Gay Man's Disease". Check how many women each year are infected from their HUSBANDS because they are either cheating (with a man or woman) or doing drugs. Your comments are completely off base; since you're basing your "filp flop" of being gay to a crazy hollywood actress.
Rich Smith May 11, 2012 at 01:21 AM
This has really been going on way too long. Would the passage of gay marriage laws force religious institutions to perform marriages contrary to their beliefs? If so, it is dead wrong and just closes the ever closing gape between church and state, with the state taking over. But why would anyone want to get married in a church who’s teaching they obviously do not follow. There are all kind of laws on the books protection civil unions already. Our politicians are spending too much time on this and deflecting the real problems. Things that affect all of us. I just wish they would put a cap on this issue one way or another and get on with fighting the war. The war being getting American’s back to work and keeping this country secure. Terrorist countries are figuring better and better ways to kill and destroy. They are playing games with the prices we pay for oil and people cannot afford to heat their homes in the winter even if they are working. If guys want to live with guys, and girls with girls, so what!!! While we are busy changing the vocabulary of America to politically correct perfection, the rest of the world laughing at us as they take over the economic lead.
cmjustice61 October 20, 2012 at 03:28 PM
To be honest, I am sick of the liberals who want this type of marriage. To be honest, I can be a bitch, and there are too many a**hole democrats in New Jersey. They vote for stupid democrats who appoint stupid judges and prosecutors who are also democrats. To be honest with you, Zach Martindell went to jail because a stupid judge did not look at all the facts. The judge was appointed by a democrat. To be honest with you, I am not anti-judge, I am anti-male. To be honest with you, I worked for bad males, I married a bad male, and I see and rage about bad male drivers daily, do you know what I mean? To be honest with you, I have 100 lawyers who will jump if I snap my fingers. That is the power I have, and I can remove any of your comments, do you know what I mean, so watch out.
Jessica October 21, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Seriously what kind of a comment is that?


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