JCP&L Has Not Met Their Restoration Timeframe, Mayor Says

New target for complete power restoration in Morristown is Saturday, Tim Dougherty says.

To the Editor:

The current weather system will increase in severity over the next 3-5 hours. Please be cautious, stay away from down wires, trees and poles and stay off the road as much as possible.

At this point JCP&L has not met it's 10-day time frame for power restorations. With the current weather system and recent accidents in town, a half to a full day of restoration efforts have been lost. We expect JCP&L to continue all efforts beginning again tomorrow (Thursday).

I hear and understand the frustrations of those residents that remain without power. It is important to know that we are pushing JCP&L for power restoration times. In the most recent communication with the JCP&L President, the new target for complete power restoration is the evening of Saturday, Nov. 10.

As information becomes available, I will continue to post on the town website, send out Nixle advisories, and update the Morristown Information line at 973-796-1911.

Timothy P. Dougherty
Mayor, Morristown

Ken Gustavsen November 08, 2012 at 09:52 PM
How to get the attention of First Energy / JCP&L president Tony Alexander and other top leadership: 1. Suspend their pay. 2. Provide them a number to call to ask when they will get paid. Offer only a voicemail recording that tells them their pay will be deposited as soon as possible and that the delay is due to a once-in-a-century problem that is being fixed.. 3. Provied them with a website to log their late pay. Once they enter their details, have a message pop up saying "Our records indicate that you have already been paid." 4. Update the website to state that many of them might be paid by a date 2 weeks in the future. However, some might be paid sooner, some might be later - you just never know. 5. With further complaints, reiterate that the delay in their pay is due to a once-in-a-century event, even though this is the 3rd time it has happened in just over a year. 6. Return to step 2.
Martatown November 08, 2012 at 11:31 PM
You actually get paid more if your union and work slower. Slower = more overtime. There's no incentives given to get the jobs done faster. How about an incentive for beating the projected finish date?
Motown Gentleman November 09, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Pretty please, with sugar on top...now turn my f@!*ing power back on! Corner of Morris and Ford. Everyone has power around us! Totally forgotten. Out since the beginning.
Allison Fox November 09, 2012 at 03:33 AM
Dear Mr. Mayor, My Mother lives on Wetmore Ave. in Morristown.  In fact, she is your neighbor and lives only a few doors down from you.  While I fully appreciate the profound damage caused by hurricane Sandy, I can no longer understand why she is only one of five homes on your street that still does not have power.  I've heard multiple accounts by Morristown residents of various out of state power companies canvassing the city helping to restore power to homes that are still without.  I realize that you do not have control of JCP&L, but can you explain to me why none of these out of state companies have gone to Wetmore Ave. offering assistance?  Furthermore, why can JCP&L not even give her a timeline as to when her power will be restored?    Mr. Dougherty, you are not only the mayor of Morristown, you are my Mothers neighbor.  I am pleading with you to help her as well as the other tax paying voters on your road.  No one caused Sandy, but how we pick up the pieces and whether we choose to help our neighbors or turn a blind eye will ultimately serve to define who we are and what we are made of.  I in no way begrudge you your warm well lit home, I only ask that you, as a public servant, a neighbor, and a good man, help those around you who look to you in times of need.  Please restore my fractured faith and help your neighbors. Yours kindly, Allison Fox, MD allisonmariefox@gmail.com November 8, 2012
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