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Mendham Borough: Speak Out On Signs

With the introduction of the new ordinance expected in August, the Mendham Borough Council and the sign subcommittee are looking for further feedback.

The process of revamping the sign ordinance for Mendham Borough now has an end point in sight. It has been a nearly two-year process for Councilman David Sharkey and his subcommittee, who is targeting an August meeting to present the ordinance.

 A hurdle was presented to the council when businessman Bob Diffin brought up the issue of banners being used to promote local organizations, and afterwards, Mendham Borough Mayor Neil Henry encouraged the public and those interested to get involved and share their opinion.

Something Sharkey reiterated at Monday’s meeting of the Mayor and Council.

 “We are still looking for feedback. A lot of people aren’t opposed to the banner but there are concerns about uses and location,” Sharkey said. “Possibly we could move it to the Kings shopping center.”

According to Sharkey, a banner near the Kings would be erected and taken down by the Fire Department for a donation and they would eliminate the smaller wire framed sign.  “Non profits could use the banner in lieu of the smaller signs,” Sharkey said.

Mendham Borough resident Carol Brady was concerned that restricting the signs would create an issue when proud parents would want to announce congratulations for their graduating family members.

“I don’t see that being a problem,” said Council President John Andrus. “Because they are only up for a limited time.”

Sharkey had one additional request to add.

“Just don’t ask for a banner,” Sharkey said.

jefco348 July 19, 2012 at 03:48 PM
The Borough Council are all out of touch with the community.They ask for people to give their opinions yet they never listen. The Council and Mayor need to understand that having their private meetings at the Pub twice a month to discuss issues is a clear violation of the Sunshine Laws. Case in point,borough residents voiced their concern over a k-12 super school district Monday evening....no discussion,why? They made up their mids at the Pub,away from the taxpayers.The sign issue is a joke.Banners have been used since the town was founded,thats historically significant.
Kjell Stephani September 18, 2012 at 01:44 PM
As long as signs are done professionally than that should be all that matters. I have made many banners for Residents and Businesses throughout the Mendham-Chester Area and wish to continue to do so. Banners create and drive Business, Hands Down, No questions asked! Also spread awareness of Social events and activities for the town. So as long as they are going to fly in the road and get someone hurt then what's the big deal? Made professionally and tastefully to flow with the nature of the town, banners and other temporary signage is only a benefit for all. Especially for the town for issuing temporary sign permits. Step One Signs, www.steponesigns.com www.mendhamsigns.com


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