Freeholder Primary Gets Crowded, Murphy Out

Seven Republicans have filed primary petitions so far for the county board; several more have declared intentions.

Freeholder John Murphy said Tuesday he is not seeking re-election in the June Republican primary, ending a 21-year public career.

The 15-year Republican freeholder from Morris Township said he wants to spend more time with his family.

“I did this for 15 years and for six years as mayor and on the  council. It’s time  for my family and children at home,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s exit adds a new wrinkle to an already jumbled race for three seats on the currently all-Republican freeholder board.

Incumbent Freeholder Director William Chegwidden of Wharton said Tuesday he will file his petition on time, and incumbent Gene Feyl of Denville filed his petition in December.

Feyl’s name has surfaced as a potential replacement for Eileen Swan, the former chairman of the Highlands Council that oversees the implementation of the 2004 Highlands Preservation and Water Protection Act.

The , and her deputy quit in protest. The council has not started a search for a replacement.

Feyl said recently that he has not been approached by the governor’s office about the Highlands Council post, and until and unless it happens, he is a candidate for his freeholder seat.

The freeholder board was also shaken up this year when a . Nordstrom had won the November general election.

William “Hank” Lyon, who was Nordstrom’s opponent in the 2011 primary, won a March 10 special convention ordered by the court. He was sworn in immediately following that election, and is serving  until  the end of the year.

That uncompleted term is on the November ballot.

Lyon, who has yet to file a nominating petition, said at the convention he will file one before Monday’s deadline.

With the addition of Lyon’s seat to the ballot, November’s election will see  a majority of the seven freeholder seats  contested.

The Morris County Clerk’s office said Tuesday that the following Republican candidates have so-far filed petitions: Incumbent Gene Feyl; Florham Park Councilman Charles Germershausen; Morristown Councilwoman Alison Deeb; Parsippany Councilman John Cesaro; former Mount Olive Mayor David Scapicchio; and former Washington Township Councilman John Krickus.

Jeremy Jedynak, a state employee, has declared his candidacy, but has not filed his petition.

Jedynak said he will file the petition on time. He said if elected he will refuse to accept the salary and benefits that come with the freeholder  job. He receives his benefits from the state as part of his job.

Cesaro, Krickus and Scapicchio are running as a Conservative team.

No Democrats had filed petitions by Tuesday.

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Dan Grant April 01, 2012 at 11:15 AM
John, In non-presidential elections about 75 percent of the voters don't even bother to vote. Most people in public service try to do a good job and many of the complainers don't understand the time and effort elected officials put into the task. They call it part time but the fact is that a good elected official is not only taking away from family time but many times they lose income to serve. That is what they choose to do when they run. I wouldn't want someone who will do the job for nothing because that is either what they are worth or they have "other ways" of making money in mind. Thanks for your service.
jefco348 April 02, 2012 at 03:32 PM
John ,I understand your firm handles the Morris County Pension fund,thats a nice perk......
RGJ April 02, 2012 at 11:11 PM
Murph has been a great freeholder and the county will miss him. The position pays nothing and the active freeholders like Murph are out most nights and travelling all over the state (plus he was also a volunteer fireman for years).. If you have an issue with John, call him up, he returns calls. Good luck John and best to the family.
chatham7 April 16, 2012 at 12:10 AM
to: jedco348 - you "understand" . Is that the same as I heard it from a friend who had a cousin who.......? in short - you are wrong and misinformed. check facts before posting
Richard Babcock April 16, 2012 at 02:16 AM
John Murphy has served Morris county well, his expertise and experience will be missed, especially after losing Mrs. Nordstrom's equally valuable contributions over the last dozen years. Good luck and thank you JM.


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