Shunpike Field to Receive More Lighting

Two additional light poles to be added.

The Chatham Township Committee unanimously approved a resolution awarding a contract for two more light posts at Shunpike Field.

Quality Electrical Construction submitted the lowest responsible bid for the project at $59,241.

"This is to award the final two light posts that we didn't get in previously," Mayor Nicole Hagner said.

The Chatham Athletic Foundation donated funds to pay for the two additional light posts, and for the lights that went onto the field at its opening.

Shunpike Field opened in October 2011 after 17 months of construction. The field includes turf and grass fields.

Crestwood Drive Improvements

Township Engineer John Ruschke said another project in the town, drainage and roadway improvements along Crestwood Drive, were not proceeding as expected.

"Unfortunately the contractor has not been responsive in addressing several punchlist items," Ruschke said. "Many residents are complaining about some minor issues, just some landscaping in front or puddles that are occurring."

The committee awarded the project, which included road improvements to both Crestwood Drive and Williams Road, to A.J.M. Contractors in June. The contract amount was $134,152.75.

Rather than waiting, Ruschke said he enlisted a local contractor, with consent from Township Administrator Tom Ciccarone, to finish the tasks which A.J.M. Contractors has not completed so far.

The township will seek a credit from A.J.M. Contractors for the work they did not complete once the project closes out.

To date, no payment has been authorized to A.J.M. Contractors. Ruschke said he received a signed pay estimate on Wednesday.

Committee Member Kathy Abbott asked what steps could be taken to avoid hiring the contractor again, or any contractor who does an unsatisfactory job for the township.

"If we don't like him and he's not responsive, and he bid for another job, would we be able to reject him even if he had the lowest bid?" Abbott asked.

Ciccarone said the township was obligated to take the lowest responsible bidder, regardless of past history. "The state does maintain a list of contractors that, for a variety of reasons, may be disqualified for public jobs," he said, but unless the contractor is on that list, the township must take the lowest bid.

"Can we tell the state that we think this contractor is not competent?" Abbott asked. "It seems like we should at least report [this] to the state. If they don't think he deserves be blacklisted, that's their problem, but we should at least do the favor for the next town, or at least for ourselves."

Ruschke and Ciccarone said they would look into what can be done

Jacques Ular October 12, 2012 at 01:07 PM
OMG more lights! Isn't that going to impact the protected species of spotted wood turtles that live there? Or cause housing prices to plummet and cause the earth to rotate backwards!? ...oops my bad, that only happens at Cougar Field!
Anonymous October 12, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Nothing says "screw you Madison" quite like this. Just another example of the our slimy elected officials. We are in the process of spending tens of thousands of tax payer's dollars on a lawsuit with our own citizens and Madison over this and these idiots add more lights. Fracking morons!
Sir October 12, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Screw Madison citizens who oppose this. They have lights on fields in their town - and they say that we can't have them in ours?
AAM October 12, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Shunpike Field is not the field that is having the problem with Madison and the lights. That is Cougar Field. I hope there are some lights for the path from the fields to the parking lot. Very dark.
heretoolong October 12, 2012 at 08:32 PM
These lights are being donated by CAF, like it says in the article. I don't think the town is contributing to the cost of these lights.


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