Where to Vote in Wayne

Clerk's office issues detailed list of polling places in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The Wayne Township Clerk's Office issued a list of polling locations for residents. Only two polling locations have changed as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Locally, five candidates: Catherine Kazan, Michael Bubba, Eileen Albanese, Kim Essen, and Don Monteyne are running for three, three-year seats on the Wayne Board of Education.

Essen and Monteyne are incumbents. The Community for Academic Excellence (CAE), a non-partisan group of current and former Wayne educators, endorsed Bubba and Monteyne.

Six candidates, including a few Wayne residens, are running for three seats on the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Residents who live in the fourth district of the first ward will vote at Ryerson Elementary School. They would normally vote at CareOne. Ryerson is located at 30 McClelland Ave.

Third ward residents living in the sixth, seventh and eighth districts will vote at Theunis Dey Elementary School. They would normally vote in the Toms Lake Clubhouse.

Town Clerk Paul Margiotta said signs would be posted at the two closed locations informing residents of the relocations. A notice was placed on the township website as well.

For more information call the clerk’s office at 973-694-1800, ext. 3208 or 3207.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Ward 1, Districts 1 and 2: United Methodist Church, 99 Parish Drive

Ward 1, Districts 3, 4, and 6: Ryerson Elementary School, 30 McClellland Ave. This is a new location for fourth district voters due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Ward 1, District 5: Theunis Dey School, 55 Webster Drive.

Ward 2, Districts 1 and 2: Randall Carter Elementary School, 531 Alps Road.

Ward 2, District 3: Municipal Building, 475 Valley Road.

Ward 2, District 4: Main Library, Valley Road and Nellis Drive.

Ward 2, Districts 5, 6, and 7: Lafayette School, 100 Laauwe Ave.

Ward 3, Districts 1 and 3: Packanack Lake Clubhouse: Lake Drive West.

Ward 3, District 2: George Washington Middle School, 68 Lenox Road.

Ward 3, Districts 4 and 5: Packanack School, Oakwood Drive and Ratzer Road.

Ward 3, Districts 6, 7, 8, and 9: Theunis Dey Elementary School, 55 Webster Drive. This is a new polling location for residents of the ninth district due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Ward 4, Districts 1 and 2: James Fallon Elementary School, 51 Clifford Drive.

Ward 4, Districts 3 and 4: John F. Kennedy Elementary School, 1310 Ratzer Road.

Ward 4, Districts 5 and 7: Boys & Girls Club of Wayne, 153 Garside Ave.

Ward 4, District 6: Wayne Elks Lodge, 50 Hinchman Ave.

Ward 5, Districts 1 and 2: The old Preakness School (next to the library's Preakness branch), 1006 Hamburg Turnpike

Ward 5, District 3: Summer Hill Senior Apartments, 2100 Summer Hill Road.

Ward 5, Districts 4 and 5: St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 1279 Ratzer Road.

Ward 6, Districts 1 and 2: Our Lady of Consolation R.C. Church, 1799 Hamburg Turnpike.

Ward 6, Districts 3, 5, and 6: Pines Lake Elementary School, 511 Pines Lake Drive.

Ward 6, District 4: Albert Payson Terhune Elementary School, 40 Geoffrey Way.

Ward 6, District 7: Schuyler-Colfax Middle School, 1500 Hamburg Turnpike.

Nose Wayne November 06, 2012 at 11:48 AM
Make sure you ALL get out and VOTE, you can make a difference for this town.


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