February Horoscopes

Horoscope for February 2013.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day shared with loved ones and good friends.


Physical appearance of the nine planetary types: The Neptunian body is slender and very finely organized; it has sharp features, expressions are often stern, yet always mysterious; hair retreats from the temples with very hypnotic eyes. 

Temperaments:  The Neptunian temperament can be neurotic and sometimes moody, and always loving the mysterious; often theatrical in attempting to create unconventional or spiritual circumstances.  They tend to be inconstant in affections, and may be very susceptible to flattery and outward appearances. 

Positive and Negative Mental Characteristics:  The mind is often concerned with profound and inexplicable concerns.  The native will be interested in the occult and the mystical, and will succeed in enterprises which are beyond the mental capacity of the average person.  Positive:  Spiritual, fascinating, musical, romantic, elfish, inspiring, clairvoyant, prophetic and penetrating.  Negative:  Deluded, mediumistic, fraudulent, con artist, sarcastic, erratic, erotic, mentally chaotic, unreliable and may live in a fantasy world when life gets a little too crazy. 

Spiritual Keywords: The absolute consciousness, the initiator, the imminent divinity, as well as a magnetic personality. 

Planets in Occult Philosophy:  None.  Neptune was not discovered when these attributes were assigned. 

Occupations: Inspirationalists, literary and artistic geniuses such as writers, actors, poets, singers, song writers or occupations in connection with water and ether; philosophers, occultists, some may lean towards black magic. 

Circumstances Induced by the Planets: Spiritual initiation and progress; artistic eccentricities, slander by women, intrigues, deceptions, assassinations, secret societies, frauds, uncertain fortunes, misrepresentations, and disappearances. 

Anatomy: Pineal gland, spinal cords, nerve fibers, telepathic and psychometric functions, those parts of the body which respond directly to super physical impulses, such as the chakras. 

(”Astrological Keywords” by Manly P. Hall used as reference.) 




           DEGREE & SIGN


Last Quarter


             14 Scorpio 54

       08:56 AM

New Moon


             21 Aquarius 43

       02:20 AM

First Quarter


             29 Taurus 21

       03:31 PM

Full Moon


             07 Virgo 24

       03:26 PM


 Planets in the morning sky:  Venus thru the 16th, and Saturn.

Planets in the night sky:  Mercury thru the 26th, Mars thru the 9th, and Jupiter.

Retrogrades:  Mercury starts Feb. 23rd, and Saturn starts on Feb. 119th.

The sun will move into Pisces on February 18th.


ARIES - March 20 – April 18

There will be many changes within your friendships. Many of them will be for your best interest so you should let nature take its course and go with the flow.  It is not a good time to travel to faraway places. There may even have some small hurdle to jump over in school as well as a philosophical/religious belief issue that is confusing you.  You may try to push your life path in a very specific direction so that you will have a feeling of accomplishment, but this is not necessary.  Just buckle down and do what needs to be done without getting depressed.  You should not get upset over little things in life because it’s a short lived timeframe. Life has a way of working itself out. There will be many personal changes as well.  Perhaps a makeover at your favorite salon or spa, at the gym to update your exercise program (if you have one), dieting or just eating nutritious meals will give you the little drive you need to get going in the right direction.  This is also a very lucky time period for you.  Don’t be upset if you gain a little weight during this time; Jupiter is coming over your ascendant and not only does it bring with it good luck, but it also brings expansion of all things – including your body and interesting ideas.  Make sure you make Valentine’s Day very special for the one you love and have lots of fun and excitement on this very special day.

TAURUS - April 19 – May 19

This is a time when you will start to take your life very seriously. You have many obligations and responsibilities and are trying to handle them all at once. You should try to separate the most important issues from the ones that are just common or mundane concerns and just deal with them to get some progress in your life. There may be some complications or issues at work. This is the time to do a lot of thinking. Are you where you want to be in the stage of your life? Is this the career you really want? Are you using your mental capacity at work? Do you feel appreciated by your employer? Are you contributing as much as you would like to? This is also a wonderful opportunity to make changes in the workplace, such as suggestions, add new routines or policies, but be ready for a roller coaster ride. However, if you plan out your strategies, you will have lots of fun and leave much of your apprehension and worries behind you. Taureans would love a sensuous meal, chocolate and perhaps special treats such as tickets to Broadway on Valentine’s Day. Make sure whatever you do, that the day is extremely special.

GEMINI - May 20 – June 20

Good luck is all around you but you must grab it and use it to the best of your ability. You will notice that your life gets easier as more opportunities are presented to you; if you grab the ones that are appropriate for you, then everything will start going in a much more positive direction. Be somewhat careful about business and personal relationships since Jupiter not only brings good luck, but it also does expand energy. In an opposition, the energy can be a bit overwhelming. However ,Jupiter is always Jupiter, and will always wind up giving you good luck in some way or from unusual sources. Opportunities in career seem to be available to you. You must try to figure out in which direction you would like to go and then start working a little each day towards that goal. Goals are the key to a successful business.  If interested, you may want to start your own home-based business.  This is also a good time to  get closer with your father or any male authority figure in your life. This is a good bonding opportunity. Valentine’s Day should be fun, simple, and inexpensive. A Gemini doesn’t worry about the cost of a particular item or meal but does wonder if his or her significant other did put some thought into the experience or perhaps gave up other plans so that the two of you could spend time together.

CANCER - June 21 – July 21

Your finances seem to be one of the things that will continually be on your mind. What do you have to do to get your finances in better shape? Have you been trying to budget your money monthly? Or have you just been spending on things that you want? It is very important that family be considered in many of your choices this month. They may want to have a say in family matters, so you should give them a chance to give their opinion and talk about the various things that are on their mind. Siblings, in particular, may be an issue but you can be a mediator and/or compromise to keep the peace. No one will benefit if there are problems within the family.  Short distance travel is not recommended. If you must travel, be very cautious and be aware of your surroundings as unexpected accidents may occur; be prepared to be safe. The perfect Valentine’s Day would be for you to help your loved one or partner do things around the house, help with the children, make dinner or just being very attentive and complimentary topped off with a bottle of champagne and her favorite chocolates. Of course, diamonds wouldn’t hurt.

LEO - July 22 – August 21

Family and home life seem to be an issue. Is your home too cluttered? Are there too many things for you to do by yourself? Do you need assistance or help with particular projects or chores? You must organize and de-clutter your life so that positive energy can be part of your environment while bringing a sense of peace, love and accomplishment.  All things seem to be going well in the home but it is a little confusing at work. Your authority may be questioned. Your abilities may be underutilized and you may feel threatened by someone you know at your place of work. There is a great deal of luck coming to you but you must use it wisely and put a plan into effect that will help you to develop whatever you need for yourself. If you should be dealing with your plans, appointments, organizing your computer, phone, desk, office, iPod, IPhone, or any project you are working on, then try finishing them a little every day.  Before you know it, you will be able to put so many things to rest. Make sure your relationship with your father, older brother, uncle, or male friend, is on an even keel and perhaps ask him out so that you too may bond a little more at this time. Relationships seem to be enhanced and you will do quite well in all areas with your significant other. A perfect Valentine’s Day for a Leo would be to get dressed up go out to a really nice restaurant, feel special and give her the gift that represents the special love that you have for her. Leo’s need to feel appreciated, treasured and loved. 

VIRGO - August 22 – September 21

There is so much going on in your life this month that you can’t keep anything straight. You have burdened yourself with trying to handle too many obligations, too many appointments, too many projects, and you are quite overwhelmed and exhausted. It is time that you go out and have some fun with your romantic significant other or children. This is a very special and sensitive time in your life so take one step, one day, one week, etc. at a time so that you are on safe and stable ground. Do not make any assumptions, when dealing with others. You need proof about everything. Friends may prove false and you may feel hurt by a betrayal. The message now is to let that go and think of attracting new and positive people into your life. Everything happens for a reason, and finding new friends was the reason. For Valentine’s Day, your Virgo would want to be very practical so you may consider a gift that she can use perhaps in her home or office.  Of course, any certificates to her favorite stores would be a big hit so she could pick out exactly what she wants.  Any meal will do, probably the quicker the better. So a Chinese take-out or pizza delivery would be fine as long as you are there to share the day with her and show her how exceptional she truly is. Besides Virgos would not want you to be spending too much money because of other obligations that you may have for the family.

LIBRA - September 22 – October 22

You are very sensitive now and are trying to be so fair and compromise in so many things. Do not be too giving, too caring, too loving, too generous, too honest, and doing everything for everybody else and not for yourself.  This is a time where you should stand up for yourself and really figure out in which direction you would like to go. Romance is very important too. Are you with the person you want to be with forever? If you are single, you may be looking for your perfect match. If not, you may want to bring new energy into your relationship. Friends, groups, and associations, hopes, dreams and wishes can be a bit confusing, overwhelming and dreamlike. Do what you feel is right for you. You are thinking very clearly and have lots of energy and spunk, and your activity level is at an all-time high. Remember to rest, take care of yourself, and always feel as if you are supported in everything you do. For Valentine’s Day, a Libra needs much attention and all the niceties of life. Libran’s love beautiful things whether it’s beautiful clothes, jewelry, scrumptious meals, designer bags or great looking shoes. This should be a gift that is extremely personal and a restaurant should be picked out ahead of time that is one of her favorites and then you’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

SCORPIO - October 23 – November 20

Scorpios may be having difficulty in determining what they need to do about their health, their weight, an exercise program, diet, and any other issues related to health. It can be a puzzling time regarding your health where you may need some additional tests in your local hospital or doctor’s office.  Do not hesitate to take part in any testing that is required or requested by your healthcare professional because if something is wrong, it will be found immediately and be cured just as quickly.  If you do not go to the doctor, there is a good possibility that any of these issues or problems may get worse. Depression may hit you, exhaustion may be sticking around, and I would suggest that you rest whenever you can to keep that energy going inside of you to accomplish whatever it is you need to achieve.  By taking care of your family, yourself, your job, and all your responsibilities and obligations in life, you are headed to a much more positive future.  A great Valentine’s Day for Scorpio would be having a partner or spouse cook his/her favorite dinner at home, open a bottle wine, and perhaps watch one of your favorite movies. Your gift does not have to be very expensive, but it should be thoughtful and something that your partner really wants. If this is accomplished, you will have one grand Valentine’s Day.  Of course, saying, “I love you,” would just be the icing on the cake.

SAGITTARIUS - November 21 – December 20

Relationships are the key to happiness this month. Whether it is business or personal relationships, try to get everything sorted out quickly so that there will be no loose ends.  This is no time to hold a grudge or to bring up things from the past. This is a time where both of you should work towards common goals such as new beginnings, and bringing a great deal of joy into your relationship. Your careers will continue to move forward even though there is much to do and you are continually overworked for what you’re being paid. In the long run, it does seem as if it will be worth your while. Be sure that you go to work with a smile on your face and don’t complain to people that you are not 100% sure of. Activity runs wild, your mind is thinking of a million things at once and you can’t decide which of them to do; you feel as if you can do anything you want to do!  You are planning to do so much, but your list of things to do may be a bit unrealistic. Set up a priority list and try to work with that until everything is completed.  A really good Valentine’s Day for Sagittarius would be having his/her partner available so that you can both have some alone time together. The meal is not important. The gift is equally not important; however, your full attention and presence is required. Make sure you put the cell phones, iPhones, iPod, TV, and any other electronic devices away so that you can pay attention to your significant other and you will have a remarkable time.

CAPRICORN - December 21 – January 18

You may be thinking about finances and how to improve them. Things may not be going exactly the way you had planned, but finances for many are not what they should be. Friends may even ask to borrow money so be very careful about talking about your financial goals to anyone. Being that you are extremely careful with your money, you may wish to organize paperwork, speak with your financial planner, or see which investments need to be updated or revamped to give you the most bang for your buck. Don’t make things worse than they already are.  See reality and deal with it on that level. Start taking a positive step forward and then everything will fall into place for the best of all involved; good luck is coming your way but you just have to look for it a little more adamantly than most.  You will also have to continue to work hard for your money; however, at least you know you have a job and that the money will be there for you in case of a rainy day. A wonderful Valentine’s Day for this Capricorn would be something extremely practical. It could be a nice meal, a helpful gift that perhaps was discussed a month or two before (perhaps something she did not get for Christmas that she wanted) and you will be the hero of the day. Make time for the two of you because Capricorns are way too busy these days and never schedule enough date night time with their spouse or partner which can make life be a little dull a little too soon.

AQUARIUS - January 19 – February 18

There is so much going on for Aquarians this month and I’m sure you’re aware of it already. You have many tasks, projects, and responsibilities to handle. You may be running around like a chicken without a head. You are thinking way too much which may cause insomnia at times. Make sure you get enough rest, and stop worrying about things. New significant others will be coming into your life so it is your choice whether or not you want to let them in. Career goes well even though it is busy, you still have a job and it is time for you to start new policies, bring up new suggestions for efficiency, or streamline some of your company’s processes. You know you have some wonderful ideas and now it is time to share with management. Good luck is there for you if you take a step forward and grab it.  An interesting Valentine’s Day would be to do anything that both of you would like to do. Aquarians are not fussy but really appreciate spending quality time together hugging, holding hands, kissing or just having a glass of wine or champagne and talking about your plans for the rest of your life together.  Get a sitter so the kids are not at home nor a distraction on this lover’s day.

PISCES – February 19 – March 17

Career issues may be confusing; there is a lot of stuff going on in the workplace. Be very careful about talking to those you do not trust as information gotten from you may turn into gossip or secrets going on behind your back.  People will misinterpret the information you had repeated. On a brighter note, it is a wonderful time to bring creativity into the workplace to get it going in the right direction. If in a spiritual field, more spirituality is called for at this time. Things may be blown out of proportion time to time, but be assured that whatever happens can be quickly corrected if you are in the right frame of mind. If you always play the martyr, are depressed, or totally baffled about what just happened, you will not be able to rectify anything that you feel is inappropriate or unsafe for you or your family. Be sure that any health issues are looked into as soon as possible so it does not escalate into something more serious.  Schedule required doctor appointments so that you will have a healthy and happy month. Valentine’s Day for a Pisces can be quite varied. Depending upon which kind of Pisces you have, it should be something romantic, sensitive, loving, caring, and sweet – so I suggest a box of good chocolates, champagne, a lovely restaurant with all of her favorite foods and some piece of jewelry that would complete a collection of her’s.

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