5 Things to Know About the New High School Principal

Hopatcong hired Noreen Lazariuk, 45, to helm the high school Monday. Here are some facts about the new leader.

Hopatcong to become 's principal for the 2012-2013 school year at Monday's Board of Education meeting.

Lazariuk, 45, replaces Emil Binotto, who moves to Hopatcong Middle School. Binotto spent 12 years guiding the high school before a reshuffling, starting with Dr. Joanne Mullane's request to move back to her former curriculum supervisor position from her Tulsa Trail principal post.

Here are five things you need to know about Lazariuk.

  1. Lazariuk spent the 2011-2012 school year as Hoboken High School's principal.
  2. The Rockaway resident will make a pro-rated $132,500 from Sept. 1 to June 30—down $2,500 from the offer she was initial given by Superintendent Dr. Charles Maranzano. Lazariuk offered to take the pay drop after the school board couldn't garner enough votes to hire her early in Monday's meeting. They eventually backed her hiring with a unanimous vote following a 15-minute closed-door meeting.
  3. She's a Montclair State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in physical education and a master's degree in educational administration and supervision.
  4. Lazariuk has spent 22 years in education. She taught in East Orange, Holmdel and Mountain Lakes. She was the Montgomery High School assistant principal before taking the lead post at Hoboken High.
  5. Lazariuk was the unanimous choice of an administrative committee of district principals, the high school athletic director, district curriculum director and a teacher representative.
Jt July 26, 2012 at 08:11 PM
Nicolas, you must be confused, mr.benfatti was moved to Durban ave. The middle school now has an over qualified principal who made many positive changes at the high school. Do not forget that the high school was failing 10 years ago and has improved over the last few years.
Giuseppe July 31, 2012 at 07:54 PM
I cannot believe that our Board of Education along with the Administrators Committee selected her! Nothing against Noreen BUT come on people! She has one year experience at Hoboken . . . . that is 1 year! Hey Chuck, why her? Did I say 1 year? It is going to take her 1 year just to figure out what the hell is going on at HHS! I heard from a reliable source that the hiring committee was instructed to look for an outsider with an extensive experience record in turning schools around! Yeah right . . . this is a pathetic district. Noreen has not had the opportunity to effect any change! She was only a principal for 1 year! On another note, Chuck, Jeff and the BOE really did a lot for district morale. They stepped over at least 2 “in-district candidates” – one with extensive experience! OK now the Staff will continue to just put in their time and collect their big salaries & benefits! Great job! Nice job . . . does anyone care? This is another ridiculous move by our leader Chuck who will be leaving in less than 10 months! They should have hired an interim principal and then let the new Superintendent hire the new principal! Nice job HHS!
Jc August 05, 2012 at 11:35 PM
guiseppe, you are right on the money! Hollenbeck and chuck clearly screwed this one up. If they really cared about the students, they would bring bin otto back and place Noreen at the ms. She lacks the experience to make the changes needed at the hs. Clearly this was a personal plan by someone who could care less about the students.
Bobbi Schmitt September 18, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Guys, if you even bothered to read the earlier posts, you would see that while she had only one year at Hoboken, she has had experience at other schools as well. I just graduated from Hopatcong, so I know very well the the school and the entire BOE is in need of some dire help. But we will never find the help we need if you sit back and criticize anyone who is willing to give up their time to allow them to improve! Honestly, is this how our town is going to react to someone we don't even know? She might be the one principal who can enforce a change in Hopatcong. We are already almost a month into the school year and I have heard from many of my friends that they enjoy having her there. The students respect her, and that in itself is an amazing feat. I have watched kids from that school abuse the teachers and other students, and not care who said what to them. But this school is headed in a great direction. However, this town needs to open their minds to the change and embrace Lazariuk. And even if it doesn't work out with her, at least she offered to help. For that, she has my respect and I wlll support her 100% if anyone tries to get her to leave. They should be ashamed to do such a thing to someone they don't even know anyway.
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