Beckerman Resigning As Wayne Hills Principal

Three-year term will end on June 30.

Scot Beckerman is resigning his position as principal of effective June 30.

The Board of Education will vote on accepting his resignation at a meeting Thursday. Beckerman confirmed the decision Wednesday afternoon.

“Ultimately, my wife and I decided it would be in the best interests of our family to make a move now,” Beckerman said. “I’m very happy with the school and the time that I’ve spent here.”

Beckerman declined further comment.

Beckerman became principal of Wayne Hills in 2009.

Beckerman said that his decision to leave has nothing to do with the school’s football team last year.

“Singular items like that did not factor into the decision,” Beckerman said. “I wish the district nothing but good things for the future.”

Superintendent of Schools Ray Gonzalez said that he will "reserve comment and discussion about agenda items for the actual meeting."

Warren April 28, 2012 at 05:19 PM
The BOE members need to go. It is time to clean house and end their tyrranical and opaque ways of doing business. They are not interested in the welfare of the students, rather the political benefits of their jobs. Back - up the truck!!
Rex miatke April 29, 2012 at 09:41 AM
Back up the truck and load them in. We as tax payers have the ability to vote them all out same as when we voted them in. Lets hope Wayne tax payers who have children in the schools or those who don't but value their home values make their voices heard at the voting booths. If Board of Ed is going to clean house then we the Wayne tax payers need to clean house. Start the truck.
Kathryn Acciavatti May 03, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Beckerman was a GREAT principal; my favorite principal Ive had, and a genuinely good guy. He cares about his students and faculty, and has always been kind and just. Trust me, if he was a bad guy i would definitely be on here bad mouthing him with the rest of you 40 year old imbeciles. Half of you probably don't even know the man. Im a Junior in Wayne Hills, and became pretty familiar with the entire administration my freshmen year. Beckerman was often one of the only ones who could calm me the f*** down when i was mad and flipping out because he was always kind and fair. A lot of people think he was "too nice" or "too soft" so just for the record I was still punished accordingly for wrong doings. Almost everyone I know who actually knows him respects the man because he has earned it. F*** the Wayne board of ed. Ive dealt with those people as well, and they're all a bunch of morons. Just because they've "fired him" which may not even be true, does not mean he did'nt do a great job these past 3 years at our school. You can think what you want about him, but don't be brainwashed by the BOE, form your own individual opinion about him, and at least have a reason behind it. Good luck to you Dr.Beckerman, you will be missed!
Dory Degen May 19, 2012 at 02:00 AM
dan for mayor!
WHHSJunior May 30, 2012 at 08:58 PM
im a junior at whhs as well, and although im not a taxpayer, a misbehaved student in his office every day, or a straight A student, i know a good principal when i see one. The fact that the maturity level of the students is greater than that of the misinformed old people commenting on this just goes to show how great dr. Beckerman was and how we grew up and matured because of him. just like kat^ im not one to comment on these types of things but i was so irritated by your ridiculous comments that i felt compelled to do so. Dr. Beckerman was always doing whatever he could for wayne hills. Even when the secretaries were overwhelmed and the office was swarmed, he would be there to lend a helping hand. so thanks for youre AWESOME opinions, but frankly the student body doesnt want to her anything you have to say if its bashing our principal.. It is a FACT that he was excellent at his job and being a role model for the students. Goodluck dr. Beckerman, in whatever you do. You will be missed.


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