Bloomingdale Teachers' Contract Settled

One board member expressed concerns with affordability of new contract.

The 2012-2015 Bloomingdale Public Schools teacher and secretary contracts were approved Tuesday by six board members, with one "no" vote cast by Cathy Gurbisz.

Bloomingdale Board of Education President Lauren Grecco and Board Member Thomas Kroncke enthusiastically thanked members of both negotiating teams for reaching an agreement, including the board, education association, attorneys and administrators.

Gurbisz read a statement she wrote explaining that while she respects and appreciates the Bloomingdale staff, she has concerns with affordability and future sustainability. She compared raises and health insurance costs between Bloomingdale's new contract and Butler Public Schools' contract from 2011.

“[Butler] increased payment at 1.9 percent in the first year, 1.6 [percent] second year and 1.5 [percent] for the third year….[Bloomingdale's] plan … still contains grandfather tiers that use a percentage factor of four, six and eight percent based on the number of years a teacher has been in service," Gurbisz said.

"The collective bargaining agreement before us tonight does not reflect any changes in health benefits or longevity. The health benefit plan in this contract continues to provide costly grandfather tiers, again favoring senior staff.”

Gurbisz said she did not agree with the new contract because it did not reflect a balanced compromise while the district and country are faced with difficult financial times.

“I do not think believe this contract represents equitable financial balance in light of economic times in this community’s financial resources. I respectfully vote no to this proposal,” Gurbisz said.

Meredith Mascitello October 25, 2012 at 01:43 PM
I'm glad someone is looking at the numbers. Thank you, Cathy.
Sam Decker October 25, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Wow...was there any negotiating or did we just bend over and give them everything the union asked for? If not then the union must have started negotiations asking for double digit percentage increases? These increases are alot higher than Butler as Mrs. Guebisz points out. Funny the board president enthusiastically thanked everyone...who paid for her election signs we'll never know because they don't have the required disclosure on them!
Cathy Gurbisz October 25, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Please scroll down to end of the link page for my entire statement. This is my opinion and does not necessarily represent those of the Board. Why is it that no one comes to Board of Education meetings? With so.... much of our taxes supporting this important area where is the public? There were maybe 6-8 people at the last meeting with only one of them being a teacher. The council election has generated a lot of talk and passion what about the BOE? Anyway I encourage everyone to please get involved, come to the meetings, ask questions. Much of what do is public information. Ask for a copy of the BEA contract and the last one. Do your own comparison make your own conclusion, be an independent thinker. This is our education system, educate yourself and make educated decisions. At the November 5th BOE meeting our test scores will be presented is anyone interested?


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