Geography Bee Winners Hope to Advance to State Level

12 Butler students bested 95 percent of their peers during school competition.

Sandra Borell not only knew that Kazakhstan is in Asia, but she knew to identify a specific province of the country in quick time when asked during a Richard Butler School geography bee recently.

Borell was named the winner and was presented as such during Thursday's Butler Board of Education meeting. Social Studies teacher Kevin Reagan presented her with other students who had competed and placed in the school's bee.

School bees are conducted across the country and eventually lead up to a national bee sponsored by the National Geographic Society and Google. The students compete locally between November and January and those who made it past the school level, including Borell, were asked to take a written exam. The top-100 students who score best on the exam will move on to the state competition level in April.

"The ultimate end result, besides being able to go on TV with Alex Trebek, is a $25,000 scholarship and a trip to the Gallapogas Islands," Reagan said.

Reagan explained that the 12 qualifying students who took the exam had bested 95 percent of their school peers.

"It was a very interesting time," Reagan said.


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