High School Site Directors Hired

Men will oversee sports and student activities operations at Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley.

The appointed two new site coordinators for Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley High Schools at a meeting Thursday.

Brad Smith is the new site coordinator at Wayne Hills. He was previously a physical education teacher at Hills. He was hired earlier this month.

Smith will make $83,500 annually at his new position; he made $80,000 at his previous position.

Smith’s replacement, Michelle Wlosek, who comes in at Step Three of the Bachelors Teachers Salary Guide, will make $49,500 annually.

Erik Scott is the new site coordinator at Wayne Valley. He will earn $49,000 annually.

Scott coaches is a member of the football team’s coaching staff at . He’s also an instructor at several sports training facilities.

The men will oversee the day-to-day operation of athletics and student activities at their respective schools. The scope of the positions was originally supposed to only be athletics but that changed, district officials previously said.

Their contracts exist independently of the Wayne Education Association’s collectively bargained contract with the district. They are both certified teachers.

The moves are part of a restructuring of the district’s athletics department.

Michael Miello in April. The board earlier this year. He will earn about $128,000 annually. He has a one-year contract. Miello was head football coach at William Paterson and Hackensack High School and is well known in the North Jersey football community.

Chris Olsen and Dan Kilday were the former athletic directors at Hills and Valley, respectively, until the board . Both men will continue working for the district.

Olsen is in his last year as coach of Hills’ football team. He will after the season. Kilday is the district’s new supervisor of health and physical education.

Miello, Smith, and Scott’s combined salary is $260,500, a little more than the $260,000 Olsen and Kilday made. Gonzalez previously said that the total of the new salaries would not be greater than what Olsen and Kilday made combined.

Some residents were critical of the moves.

“We still are exceeding, by a small amount, what we said we were not going to exceed,” said Sue Olsen, Chris Olsen’s wife. ”We wouldn’t have had to hire a new physical education teacher at Wayne Hill at least because we wouldn’t have needed it if we didn’t have these new positions of site directors.”

Gonzalez said that the district is saving money by hiring Wlosek to fill Smith’s previous position at a cheaper salary.

“The positions that have now been filed, when you look at the positions that have recently been hired, you can see, the net affect is still below what we paid last year,” Gonzalez said.

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Mrs. Ed U. Kater August 24, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Even though this topic is old...BOE still hasn't addressed or published anywhere the answer to the big question ...Are Olsen and Kilday, this year, still earning $260,000 combined. If so what is Wayne really saving? Smoke and mirrors
Frank Gallagher August 24, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Mrs Olsen is right...260500 is more than 260000....maybe Ray G can't count. But last year we paid Miello, Wlosek and Scott zero dollars. This year we pay them over $200K in salaries, plus Smith gets a $3500 raise, Olsen and Kilday still get their salaries. Ouch.
Mrs. Ed U. Kater August 25, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Oh and BTW since Scott and Miello are new to the district, I believe, we should also add the cost of benefits to their salaries and the overall cost..
Bobby G August 27, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Some residents were critical. According to the article, only Mrs. Olsen was critical. Bottom line, you can't have a coach be his/her own boss.
Concerned Educator August 31, 2012 at 12:32 AM
I agree, we are all accountable; teachers, administrators and even Superintendents. Shouldn't their be a full accounting of this new and improved version?


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