KHS Students Honored for Achievements

Proud parents fill high school auditorium during board of education meeting.

Dozens of students were honored Thursday for achievements in academics, athletics and the arts.

KHS Principal Dr. Wayne Merckling and Athletic Director Scott Rosenberg read aloud the names of the students, who later gathered on stage for group photos, during the meeting. Superintendent of Schools Jim Opiekun introduced the school spotlight during his report and described the "moving parts" of the district.

"When you think about our school community, It's really a very intricate machine that's full of moving parts," he said, noting that, "I think the most important moving part is our students."

Opiekun said he has had the opportunity to watch the students who were honored Thursday grow from the elementary school level up, making memories and building on their time in to achieve what they were honored for at the meeting.

Students were honored for such things as making the North Jersey Area Band, achieving Advanced Placement high honors, being named state scholars, All-Conference athletic wins, being named "Athlete of the Year" by local news publications and more.

"I can't be prouder than the names we called off tonight. I'm speechless," Board Member Dr. Steven Fink said.

All board members congratulated the students and spoke about how proud they are of them. Board President Margaret Zybrick said demonstrations like the recognition ceremony remind board members how important their work, and the work of everyone in the district, is to helping students achieve success. Opiekun also credited the district staff.

"Without their help, we could never accomplish the things we accomplish here," he said.

Opiekun, who , said the accomplishments of the students give him pride.

"The reason that I'm so proud that I work in Kinnelon is because of the students and their accomplishments," he said.

Do you know a student who was honored at Thursday's meeting? Congratulate them in the comments.

Tina DiRussa April 27, 2012 at 11:02 AM
Huge accolades to all of you...be proud and continue to reach for the stars!


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