BOE Shares in Excitement Over Kiel Class Winning Contest

Annika Levitt spoke to Kinnelon Board of Education about the contest Thursday.

Excitement in Annika Levitt’s first grade class at the has reached a fever pitch as of late, as the class a nationwide contest for an IdeaPaint makeover in their classroom.

According to the school’s website, “the IdeaPaint Makeover Contest includes a consultation with the IdeaPaint ‘Ambassador of Innovation’ Keith Whittier, followed by a 500 square foot IdeaPaint installation.” This will allow students to carry their ideas beyond paper, blackboards and the computer screen to countless other surfaces throughout the classroom due to a special coating on the walls that can be written upon with dry-erase markers.

Levitt’s excitement was also on display at Thursday night’s work session meeting of the , as she proudly announced the achievement of her class to all in attendance.

“I thank my students for sharing their ideas and brains, not only for this contest, but every day,” said Levitt.

Levitt’s first graders wrote a poem expressing their desire to win the contest for the IdeaPaint Makeover. The poem was then featured in a video submission, which is currently posted on the contest’s website.

“Since (that) Monday happened to be our poetry day, I figured let our little authors take it away,” said Levitt.

The contest was decided by an online voting system, for which Levitt’s class received over 2,500 votes on their way to becoming winners. Levitt stated that community members, parents and colleagues alike all contributed to the voting process.

“During this week, the amount of support and encouragement from family and friends was overwhelming,” said Levitt.

Although the renovations have not yet taken place, Levitt stated that her class is looking forward to the remodeling project, which she expects will take place by the time winter begins.

IdeaPaint creates writing-friendly wall spaces for schools, workplaces and even homes.

Paula Kelly December 11, 2011 at 10:32 PM
Congratulations to Mrs. Levitt and her first grade class! You are wonderful role models and I am proud of all of you!
Elaine Bauer December 15, 2011 at 05:18 AM
Congratulations to Mrs. Levitt and her wonderful first grade poets! It is so refreshing to see a teacher go outside the box, use her creativity, and encourage her students to become enthusiastic about their learning space. Kiel School students will always benefit when teachers will strive to make a difference!


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