Report: Suspended Teacher's Messages a Concern

Superintendent worried about teacher's communication with students via emails and text messages.

NJ.com reports Hopatcong's school superintendent is worried a high school teacher who was suspended with pay  might have had improper communications with students.

Superintendent Dr. Charles Maranazno said he has "very serious concerns" that the physical education teacher could have been involved with possibly improper emails and text messages with male and female students, the report said.

Maranzano also told NJ.com that Gorzelnik was suspended to keep her from students until the investigation ends.

Gorzelnik, a girls soccer coach, has been at the district for seven years. She couldn't be reached for contact Friday. Maranzano had previously said he couldn't discuss particulars of the investigation and also couldn't immediately be reached for contact Friday.

said in an email Hopatcong has been investigating Gorzelnik for about three weeks, "and has failed to uncover anything other than rumors. No factual evidence has turned up."

The district hasn't reached out to the state Institutional Abuse and Investigation Unit, which investigates alleged improper contact between students and teachers, Wollmer said.

"That would appear to support the facts as they are being reported (that no evidence of any criminal nature has been found)," Wollmer said.

The Sussex County Prosecutor's Office was contacted, however, and has taken no action "based on absence of evidence," Wollmer said.

"I would point out that today's students are very aware of how to get a teacher in trouble, and there is strong evidence this could be a case in point," he said.

Click here for the full NJ.com report.

Laura Lewis June 18, 2012 at 04:44 PM
I agree with all of the comments above, let's see if this comment of mine is accepted. The one I submitted Friday was refused. I then submitted an inappropriate picture of the gym teacher to the Patch after they refused to print my original comment that morning, let's see what happens now. It's a shame when we teach our children to trust adults only to have one blur the lines for their own egos and selfish reasons. it seems to get swept under the rug! Yes, many students have known, not rumor starters as Hopatcong Mom stated above. Unfortunately when caught, it seems to be swept under the rug. So now that I wrote my comment as you all have above, let's see if this one will be printed.
Emily June 18, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Here is a Jimmy Durante song, Go on home your mudders calling your fadder got caught in the washing machine, go on home your mudders calling she can't seem to get the clothes clean!!! I can actually see Dr. M singing that. Thanks for the laugh, he does look like him.
Laura Lewis June 18, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Good point.....hopefully the tape was rolling!!!
Frazure June 20, 2012 at 01:16 AM
What ever happened to due process? Let the woman have her "day in court" based on factual evidence, not the rumor mill. Maybe we should change the name of this once great country to "OblahmaLand"........
thetruthhurts June 20, 2012 at 01:23 AM
(Part Two of Two) I give Dr. Maranzano a tremendous amount of credit for stepping up to the plate and taking action against the poor behavior of the staff that has been acting as if they were still in high school rather than teachers and administrators. When Dr. Maranzano took over two years ago, he was handed a district that has been on a downward spiral for years! What took many years to break, will take years to fix! At least he has the courage to face the real issues that are plaguing our district, primarily the high school that has been led by Emil Binato, with the assistance of Dave Pierson, and Tom Vara. When reading this, please keep in mind that we have MANY wonderful teachers and administrators though the district that really care about our schools, children and town! Unfortunately, the good are being overshadowed by the bad! I hope that Dr. Maranzano continues to probe, un-cover and resolve issues that are occurring in our district!


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