BOE, Supervisors Agree on 3-Year Contract

Deal calls for 1.95 percent annual raises and faces union ratification.

The Board of Education said Monday it has reached an agreement with district’s 11 principals and supervisors on a new 3-year contract.

The agreement will be sent to the Hopatcong Association of Principals and Supervisors for ratification, and is expected to be voted on at the school board’s Aug. 27 public meeting.

Board president Clifford Lundin said the contract calls for 1.95 percent increases in each year. Those members in the lower end of the pay scale would received slightly higher annual raises, and those at the top of the pay scale would receive slightly smaller raises, Lundin said.

Monday’s work session allowed the board to set the agenda for the Aug. 27 meeting.

The union members will also be paying an average  20 percent of their health insurance premiums, he said. Under the agreements with employees, Lundin said, new employees will be paying 33 percent of their health insurance premium.

Board secretary Theresa Sierchio said the district has expanded its health insurance options beginning with the opening of the school year. The change gives employees three options for coverage and costs, she said.

One option is similar to the state health plan, a basic traditional plan, the second is the district’s current plan, and the third has a higher deductible. 

Sierchio said employees can pay up to 35 percent of their salary for health care, and these options are designed to introduce options that could reduced that cost. The district will explain the options to employees once school opens in September, and is planning an open-enrollment period in October.

The board also approved a one-year contract for Sierchio, which calls for a 1.95 percent annual increase, bringing her salary to $126,062.

Change Order for New Sidewalks 

The board endorsed a change order in a  contract to replace sidewalks and curbing at the school complex. The $4,800 change will pay the contract Cifelli and Son for work already completed, Lundin said. The change brought the contract total to $36,800.

The contractor extended the sidewalk project by 210 square feet of concrete sidewalk, rebuilt two drain inlets, and extended Belgian block curbing along the sidewalk Lundin said. The extension removed handicapped access ramps at the high school auditorium he said, because the new design reduced the grade of the sidewalks to make them flat.

Lundin said the drains will be marked with the blue paint environmental warning that indicate the drains release water into a public water source, he said.

“Our drains eventually run into Lake Musconetcong,” he said.

Rich Smith August 23, 2012 at 10:47 PM
Wait a minute: How are we going to get teachers to go for merit raises when the BOE is giving supervisors in a failing system these raises without any kind of review? All my life I worked on a “meritorious pay for meritorious service” basis and I did well. Busted my butt, but I did well. After leaving that world for the public sector six years ago I have been getting scheduled raises under union contracts and it stagnates a person’s motivation. “Don’t rock the boat” becomes the by word. Well, let’s start rocking the education boat starting from the top. I’m no fan of Christie, but he’s right about allot of things.
Concerned resident August 25, 2012 at 01:14 PM
I miss Brendan too!!!!!
Abe Lincoln August 28, 2012 at 01:30 AM
RBOT: I was there, where were you? If you had been there you would have some answers to your questions. I had mine answered.
Abe Lincoln August 28, 2012 at 01:35 AM
If you had been at the meeting tonight, I do not think you would have much praise for Chrsitie; according to the BoE attorney, the 'new' Christie laws are worse from the standpoint of dumping tenured teachers, yada, yada, yada: if you don't believe that, go to a BoE meeting yourself and ask.
Roll Back Our Tax August 28, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Sorry I didn't respond sooner Abe. I thought by now you would have turned yourself into the Hopatcong Police Department. I would have chosen to ignore you but I thought I'd let you know 11 Freshmen opted to go to Lenape. http://thealternativepress.com/articles/board-forms-task-force "Parents attending the meeting said many students are opting into the school choice program and attending Lenape Valley Regional High School in Stanhope. The board’s data indicates 11 freshmen from Hopatcong will enter Lenape Valley next month" Also once again Lundin (like the Mayor) MARGINALIZES the issues here in Hopatcong. "Lundin pointed out anonymous blogs attacking the school district have exaggerated the problem". Furthermore, $ doesn't buy you a better education like Maranzano claims. It only goes to salaries, pensions and benefits. "Superintendent of Schools Dr. Charles Maranzano explained, “when the budget is voted down, it hurts the district geometrically; it reduces programs and opportunities for students over the course of several years." Finally, this statement is INcorrect by Passerini. "Special education students, “take the same test,” Passerini said". They are NOT the same test given the general populous. http://www.state.nj.us/education/parents/special.htm "All special needs children are give "limited" English and Math proficient tests. They are NOT the same test given the general populous". Now you know why I don't attend these meetings.


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