Solar Project Begins on Kinnelon Schools

Three district schools to host roof panels.

Pearl R. Miller, Kinnelon High and Stonybrook schools will play host to solar panels soon as installation has already begun on the buildings, according to Kinnelon Board of Education Member Denise Hatch.

Hatch reported Thursday night that parents should not be alarmed if they see people working on top of the buildings as the engineers are in the middle of the project.

"[Installation] should be done by the end of October," Business Administrator Jim Minkewicz said.

The Kinnelon school district is participating in the Morris County Improvement Authorities Renewable Energy Program. Through the program, approved by the Kinnelon Board of Education in April, 375 kilowatts of energy are expected to be generated for the district. The panels are expected to reduce energy consumption at the three schools by about 20 percent.

A $60 million Morris County bond is funding the program, which includes nine school districts and 22 individual schools.

While the Kinnelon school district has been in progress with the solar project, other neighboring school districts have pursued similar programs. The Bloomingdale school district is also pursuing a solar program in hopes the energy generated will help offset infrastructure costs.

Rich September 29, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Let's all be sure none of these face the street! The residents are bound by that ordinance put forward by our Great Mayor, after he saw some solar array on a front lawn, IN ANOTHER COUNTY. Silly, Petty local politicians who have their way with the residents. Now, just to take down or trim a tree, you just have to fork over $5.00, and submit to an inspection.
jr September 29, 2012 at 03:34 AM
This is by far the largest waste of tax payer money. Without government funding, solar makes NO SENSE. You see, the government has conditioned the people to feel guilty about not using solar power. So this is not done for any other reason but to appease. what a waste
James Smith, Jr September 29, 2012 at 10:56 AM
The only company that makes solar look good is Florian Solar. They made my solar project NOT look like a science project! I found them at Floriansolar.com


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