Students Raise Money For Defibrillator

Kinnelon High School Varsity Club sold discount cards to purchase new heart safety machine.

The Varsity Club helped the school purchase two new defibrillator machines after selling cards that offer discounts to several area businesses.

The cards, called "K-Cards" were sold for $10 and offered discounts at , , Dunkin' Donuts,, and more.

Kinnelon High School Physical Education Teacher Nino Capra said this is the first year the club sold the cards, and that he worked with Varsity Club President Chris Bauer to come up with a good purpose for the earnings from the sale.

"Me and Mr. Capra thought of something that could be used for a long time," said Bauer, after describing how the club decided to purchase two defibrillators. The club raised more than $2,000 to pay for the machines.

Defibrillators are used to shock the heart when it stops, Capra said, and can be useful to have in case of emergencies during athletic events or simply in general at the school.

Capra said the school already had one defibrillator before purchasing the two new ones, but that now, the trainers will be able to always have one handy.

"A lot of schools don't even have one. Kinnelon has three," Capra said.

Capra also said the students would be able to use the machines to train in First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to achieve certification from the American Heart Association.


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