Walter T. Bergen Lights Brighten Field

Mayor said some kinks still need to be ironed out with new light system.

After months of controversial discussion on the topic last year, "the lights are finally lit" at the Walter T. Bergen School field, according to Bloomingdale Mayor Jonathan Dunleavy.

Dunleavy said the lights came on for a test run this month and while a few residents complained of their brightness, there is still some work to be done on them.

"There's some minor tinkering to be done," he said at the Nov. 27 borough council meeting.

The field lighting issue was mostly split on party lines last year with Republicans not favoring the project, which cost just about $400,000, and former Councilman Bernie Vroom, a Democrat, favoring the project. Several residents whose children are active in the borough's recreation programs approached the council asking for the lights. But the council voted in June of 2011 to reject a Green Acres Loan that would have fronted the money for the project with the borough being responsible for paying back the loan.

The field lighting issue then went to voters by referendum on the November 2011 ballot and was approved by 867.2 "yes" votes to 839.8 "no" votes.

The Bloomingdale Board of Education also discussed the new lights this month. School board member Rich Dellaripa told the other members that the project is mostly complete, according to Suburban Trends.

Read the full story from Suburban Trends here.


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