Fans Tackle Super Bowl Media Day's Entertainment, Atmosphere

Press event opens to fans for just the third time.

Broncos and Seahawks fans stood shoulder to shoulder on Media Day.
Broncos and Seahawks fans stood shoulder to shoulder on Media Day.

For just the third year in its history, Super Bowl Media Day opened up to fans, who spent Tuesday morning and afternoon watching a circus unfold below them at the Prudential Center in Newark.

When a Super Bowl comes to town once every 48 years, some fans know it may be their only opportunity to take part in the festivities.

For just $28.50 per ticket (and a painfully high $40 for parking), fans enjoyed the show and received goodie bags that included radio accessible headphones to hear different player interviews throughout the event.

While no local teams were in the mix this year, local fans came out to see some personalities, as well as some old friends.

Kathie Nelms of Lacey Township came to “take advantage of the atmosphere,” she said. “You don’t know if the Super Bowl will ever be here again, so were taking advantage of the atmosphere.”

Nelms came with two friends in tow, one of which had a special place in her heart for one of the game’s stars.

Allison Bibbo is an athletic trainer at Middletown High School South, where she treated one of its star football players a few years ago by the name of Knowshon Moreno, Denver’s starting running back.

This wasn’t Nelms’ first Media Day, however. The New Orleans Saints fan spent a week in Tampa Bay a few years back when her favorite team played against the Indianapolis Colts, and plans to take in as much of the week as she can.

“This is pretty cool, it’s neat to see how it all plays out,” she said. Nelms said she’ll be taking in some other festivities on Super Bowl Boulevard in New York City as well.

Tom Murphy of Mahwah made it to Media Day as well, but he and his wife, Margie, came for separate reasons.

“I’m interested to hear (Seattle Seahawks cornerback) Richard Sherman,” he said, “But my wife is here for Peyton Manning.”

Murphy said the event’s security and setup was easier to traverse than a regular season Giants game, and listened to much of the happenings on his radio headphones as well as followed on Twitter.

“It’s pretty entertaining,” he said.

Fans dressed in team garb for both squads, but it was clear the Seattle Seahawks contingent was louder and made itself known. 

Were you at Super Bowl Media Day? Are you taking in any other festivities this week?


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